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  • own a travel company
  • travel through space
  • travel through time
  • open up an animal shelter
  • own an observatory
  • plant and grow a forest
  • own a permaculture veggie farm and animal sanctuary
  • build (or at least live in) a transition town or eco-village
  • have my own zen garden, my own little paradise
  • work for NASA or ESA
  • build a co-working/co-living housing complex insp.
  • own a flower shop (plus flower delivery service!)
  • own a senior dog sanctuary
  • work for the max planck institute of astronomy/astrophysics
  • own a plant conservatory
  • organize a bohemian nature-music-art festival
  • become an oncologist
  • own a boutique hotel
  • own a moroccan riad
  • build a forest city insp.
  • build an experimental town insp.
  • study medicine
  • work in a psychiatry
  • live in a polyfidelity community/wg
  • work as treehouse architect
  • own a vegan/artsy hostel
  • study physics (astrophysics/astronomy) and/or philosophy
jul 19 2017 ∞
aug 4 2021 +