• Cologne: Meeting new people! I love all of them! / Our photo session / The show, having amazing seats - we were so lucky, getting one ticket is already hard, and we got EIGHT! / The studio - the lights! The TV could never capture the beauty of those lights. The smells (like a theatre smell)! The studio felt so intimate, it felt like home to me. Observing people. All the small details. Pure magic. / Kathrins tango (to my favourite tango song of all time) - one of my favourite dances, EVER. I was in AWE and I still am. It was art, even the fall. The video doesn't do it justice, I'm grateful I got to see it live. It was also nice seeing her the next day, she's very inspiring. Still my favourite dancer of all time, after all these years. / Having a drink (a weirdass summer gin and tonic something something with too much gin in it) at *the* bar, oh the people and THINGS we saw! I will never forget that. / Wearing my new black jumpsuit I got from Jule. I'm in love with it because let's face it - I look great in it. / Macarena, Happy Birthday, bi moments, successfully smuggling bottles of alcohol into the bar, crushing on ALL THE WOMEN / the morning after / Sitting at the Rhine, recording voice messages for the others. Lots of laughs.
  • Rebecca is coming back to Vienna. One of my favourite musicals. With my two favourite musical actresses of all time. I can't believe it.
  • Munich: Meeting Kathi. The yummiest pizza and fanciest toilet at Giorgia Trattoria. Walking around Haidhausen (and falling in love with this part of the city, especially the Franzosenviertel), finding a copy of Middlesex in the B├╝cherschrank, walking to the Friedensengel, going to the Haus der Kunst and visiting the Nebel exhibition.
  • W├╝rzburg: Visiting Anja. First day: Having a yummy falafel wrap at the Frida Imbiss. Street art. Going to the Marienberg at dusk, climbing over the fence, bats flying above our heads, walking through the vineyards, having the perfect view over the city. Loving Anja's place with all the fairy lights and her balcony full of plants and the good energies. Eating macarons, listening to Lofi music (which always reminds me of O., I always end up thinking about her. I'm totally doomed). Second day: Exploring the city, doing a small sightseeing tour, going to that lovely vegan place (the savory pancakes were insaneee), spending the evening at a festival, finally having my mandatory gin tonic again. Third day: a big vegan breakfast with fresh fruit (watermelon, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries), going to that cute little art exhibition, having a picnic at the Main river, eating watermelon and homemade Flammkuchen, deep talks about spirit animals (squirrels!), investing and finances and photography. Vegan BBQ in the evening. The super chill train ride on my way back home.
  • Going to another tv production with Fab and Julia. It was pretty surreal. I love the atmosphere in tv studios. It felt really intimate & at first I felt a bit anxious about it because the studio was quiet small and J. was there (omg, I can't believe that happened, I'm crushing way too hard on her. I seriously need to chill. But how can you chill when she looks at you like that?!) but it was good to face my fears and the nervousness was gone as soon as we went in there.
  • Not having the time to write because I'm too busy making memories.
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