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  • Being tender, warm, & lively in the way i interact with others
  • Speaking from the heart and conveying what i genuinely feel without hesitation
  • Being vibrant & free in my expression of joy and pleasure
  • Indulging my playful, lighthearted side
  • Making someone feel unconditionally nurtured, loved, & uplifted
  • Believing deeply in my worth & moving through life with a sense of tranquility, conviction, & purpose
  • Being clear & intuitively certain about what i want
  • Being discerning with my energy & attention
  • Giving & receiving tenderness/affection
  • Being around someone who makes me feel safe
  • Feeling deeply connected with my inner child
  • Exploring something that intrigues me without restraint
  • Raw, unfiltered conversations full of laughter & depth
  • Wearing a stunning dress or shalwar kameez
  • Feeling beautiful in a simple t-shirt
  • Appreciating the symmetry & curves of my body
  • The dewy radiance of a post-shower glow
  • Hot, steamy bubble baths w/ lavender bath foam
  • Putting on beautifully scented lotion & perfume
  • Wearing dainty chokers, rings, cuff bracelets, bangles, & anklets with chimes
  • Wearing silk PJs
  • Singing to myself
  • Dancing around in the kitchen while i cook
  • Putting the finishing touches on a beautiful work of art
  • Spending time with women who are warm, affirming, and down to earth
  • Being around people who make me feel deeply, unconditionally loved and appreciated
  • Feeling in alignment with the woman God intended me to be
  • Freeing myself from the prison of over-worrying about what other people think
  • Being in an environment where i can truly let my guard down and have fun
  • Reading mystical poetry and getting blissfully lost in it
  • Reading deep, thought-provoking books that resonate with me
  • Writing passionate, ruminative poetry
  • Smelling a bouquet of fresh flowers
  • Calmly speaking up for something i believe in
  • Knowing what i need & having the courage to seek it

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