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The Divine feminine is a woman’s deep inner knowingness that her mere presence, her very existence, is itself a sacred gift. It's not an arrogant or self-important state of mind; it's a tender, sublime awareness that within the incomparable beauty of her being, God has granted her the potential to beautify the lives of those around her. Her inner light is radiant enough to illuminate the life of every person she loves. By honing and embracing this light, she has the capacity to inspire greatness, hope, and transcendent growth in every person who experiences her energy. At the highest level, a woman in true alignment with her Divine feminine becomes a bridge that reunites mankind with God; her womb becomes the bridge that carries life into this world, and her love becomes the bridge by which her loved ones come to recognize and return to God more deeply.

No human being is meant to be purely feminine or purely masculine. Healthy femininity needs a bit of masculine energy (eg. the white dot in the yin) and healthy masculinity needs a bit of feminine energy (eg. the black dot in the yang) in order to be fully actualized and complete. (Note: the predominant energy that exists in a particular person may not correspond with their biological gender, and the generalizations made below may not ring true for trans/non-binary individuals*; the key is for each person to seek growth in someone with an opposing energy that balances theirs, regardless of gender identity/biological sex.)

Spiritually & anatomically, women were created to receive, and men were created to give*. When the right man fulfills a woman's need to receive, that experience of receiving unlocks a deeper level of existential potential within her. Her archetypal ability to create deepens & her capacity to create more beauty in the world is heightened, often in life-affirming forms such as creativity, harmony, understanding, sensuality, compassion, artistry, inspiration, nurture, etc. Likewise, when the right woman fulfills a man's need to give, that process of giving unlocks a deeper level of existential potential within him. His archetypal ability to take action is newly channeled in ways that are more beneficial to all of creation, instead of manifesting as mere aggression for its own sake. It's as if there are doors of potential within us that God has given the opposing energy the keys to unlock, wiring us to seek elevation and completion in each other.

Masculine energy intrinsically tends to carry an intensity of certainty, pride, and self-conviction that is often missing/suppressed in feminine energy, while feminine energy tends to have a depth of tenderness, nurture, & compassion often missing/suppressed in masculine energy. When a man gives a woman his masculine energy, he empowers her to adopt a bit of his intrinsic pride, which gives her the courage to deeply more believe in herself and actualize her potential with new levels of certainty. When a woman offers a man her feminine energy, she encourages him to take on a bit of her softness, which influences him to act and think in ways that have a more positive net effect on the world.

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