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  • Excessively soft voice that shakes when I'm nervous
  • Notoriously scatter-brained and forgetful
  • Highly prone to having my head in the clouds and forgetting how to communicate/exist in the real world
  • Publicly straight-laced but privately a wild goofball
  • Either extremely calm & quiet or extremely passionate & excitable, with few in-betweens
  • Constantly torn between a desire to connect and a desire to hide
  • Embarrassingly easy to scare because I'm always oblivious to my physical surroundings
  • Embarrassingly prone to laughing at the dumbest things ever when I'm tired
  • Highly prone to lip-biting when lost in thought
  • Highly prone to blushing if someone looks at me too intensely
  • Inherently bad at math, spatial awareness, & time management
  • I say "that's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen/heard/experienced" about 10 times a day and I sincerely mean it every time because I'm constantly overwhelmed by the beauty of everything
  • Terrible at figuring out what anyone wants or expects from me unless they explicitly tell me
  • Irrationally prone to pushing people away when I care about them too much because I have a deep-seated fear of loss
  • Unintentionally coy because I'm shy & genuinely bad at figuring out how much I should say
  • Annoyingly stubborn about my principles and deeply-held values
  • So afraid of hurting people that I tend to overthink everything and end up hurting them more through my hesitation & indecision
  • Perpetually a walking contradiction; outgoing yet shy, impulsive yet cautious, flexible yet stubborn, confident yet self-doubting, loving yet detached, gentle yet feisty; all of these are equally real parts of who I am
  • Fiery and outspoken when it comes to standing up for something I believe in
  • If I'm genuinely, intensely, earth-scorchingly angry, I can be deeply unforgiving, but this only happens about once a decade because most things aren't that important

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