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I probably have unrealistically high expectations for my college experience.

  • As much as I love New Hampshire, I could really use a change of scenery.
  • I want to take classes that are relevant and interesting and (hopefully) taught by interesting and funny professors.
  • I'd like to be able to decorate a new room, considering that mine is beyond all hope. (Of course, there's that slight problem of a roommate...)
  • A variety of places to study. Because honestly, doing homework on my bed is getting a little old.
  • BOYS. I'm looking forward to an array of dating possibilities. Because, to be perfectly honest, Derryfield is sorely lacking in good-looking and/or non-asshole guys.
  • Despite my love for my friends and the fact that I am beyond socially awkward, I'm vaguely excited to make new friends.
jan 19 2009 ∞
mar 12 2011 +
user picture thatsamazing: i honestly agree with every point on this list! (besides the new hampshire part though.) i am SO looking forward to college because it's a whole new experience. (: high school is just way too exhausting imo. jan 19 2009
user picture Erin: haha BOYS is like my number 1 on your list. jan 20 2009
user picture Elise: Hahaha. Oh Erin. I actually thought of it first when I was making this list but then I felt guilty for being like BOYS BOYS BOYS so I put it later down on the list. jan 21 2009