• In first grade I punched a boy in the eye. (He still tells people about it. All the time. )
  • I have had one traffic violation. (Failure to yield, if you're interested.)
  • And one cavity.
  • When I was maybe 8 I told my sister I hoped she went to hell.
  • When I was maybe 9 I stole a necklace from a department store. Part of a shirt/necklace set.
  • When I was little I decided not to get married until both my parents were dead.
    • Entirely because I didn't (don't!) want people, especially people I know, to watch me kiss someone.
  • I've bullshitted my way through entire classes.
  • I have seen some gay porn.
  • Read the Harry Potter series against my mother's express wishes, haha.
    • She raged and cried and carried on.
  • I've downloaded songs illegally.
  • Hit my own mailbox with my own car.
  • I used to spy in my sister's diary.
  • I sometimes
    sneak handfuls of chocolate chips in my hoodie pockets.
  • I read slash fiction.
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