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  • Regardless of the outcome (nerve-wracking as it is)
  • Honestly I'd never heard of you before AGT, so I'm a relatively new fan, but a devoted one! :] Haha. (Personally I'm reminded more of James St. James + Plastic Martyr than I am of Lady Gaga, but that's neither here nor there.)
  • The reason I'm writing is because I want you to know I appreciate your appearance on the scene as a role model for kids who are different. I'm a genderqueer asexual, but my family is very conservative and homophobic and while I wouldn't feel comfortable telling them this, I would like to be able to someday. Tonight, my father (who remarkably hasn't made one negative comment about you) went into great detail explaining his idea for an act he thinks you should do: The Little Mermaid. (He wants you to be Ariel and appear out of a giant clam and sing "Under the Sea.") This is HUGE. So thank you for nudging my family a little further down the road of acceptance of people who are not like them, and for inspiring who knows how many young people. :]
  • Talia
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