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  • January 29, 1982
  • San Diego, CA (born Indianapolis)
  • Jewish



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  • "I like cupcakes...and dogs.."
  • "Wear it. Get that guyliner on, smudge it, and wear it. And don't wash it off, it looks better after its been on for a few days."
  • "I don't believe in getting discovered. I believe things happen when they're meant to happen..and I love being an inspiration for the world's weirdos."
  • "How many of you feel a little different because you're creative and in the arts? Well, just let it go. Say 'I'm gonna be okay as a creative/artistic person and there's nothing wrong with that.' If you ever feel different, hold your head up high. We're artists. We're all crazy. And that's good-crazy!"
  • "Life is all about taking risks to get what you want."
  • "I'm like your boy next door who decided that he wanted to be a rebel one day. So.. I'm a nice rebel"
  • "I wasn't popular in high school. I was the weird kid. So to all you weird kids out there - you can do it!"
  • "My favorite song to sing was 'Whole Lotta Love'. I got to say 'every inch of my love' on National TV."
  • "I have crushes on women all the time. I find women beautiful. And to be the object of desire to a woman is a great compliment."
  • "That Elephant Man, it's PiNK, isn't it!"
  • "Anyone who feels different or weird, screw it."
  • "Hopefully, the fans at home will know that when I'm up on stage snarlin' and tossin' my hair around, that I'm just having a good time and playing...
    ...and that I'm not really like that! [Laughs more.]"
  • "The guy next door can also be the guy with guyliner! Yeah! Edgy with a smile!"
  • "I like the top." Kris laughs. "Sorry, that's inappropriate."
  • "I think theatricality is just one way of performing. I don't think it's a better way or the way, but it's my way."
  • Randy: "Don't be skerred."/Adam: "I'm not skerred."
  • "I wanna see Katy Perry!"
  • "My jacket! I'm excited about my outfit!"
  • "I didn't lose! I just didn't win. Half-full, half-full."
  • "I'm like the older, evil stepbrother." (on Jonas Brothers)
  • "That's bull. It's not disrespectful. Johnny Cash was a rebel. Johnny Cash probably would have dug it. Johnny Cash did stuff with Trent Reznor. Johnny Cash was really cool."
  • Stalker-azzi to Adam: "Are you a diva?"/Adam's reply: "Are you?"
  • "You can can a can , but a can cannot can you."
  • "Life is like a box of paper towels."
  • "I'm allowed an eye-roll now and then. I'm kind of ridiculous; I realize that."
  • "I want to make records. I want to be an entertainer, you know. I want to help people escape and just dance and have a great time and party and love each other, and I want to be able to raise awareness on a couple of things. You know, soapbox about it. Maybe pushing people's buttons for a little bit. Always with a little wink at the audience with a little camp. With a little seriousness in it, but I don't want to take myself too seriously. I want to upset people, I want to make people think, I want to keep people interested."
  • "To me, it's like I get to play dress-up for a living! I like to wear crazy clothes and make-up and do the whole glam thing. I think a little androgyny is really interesting and it's a part of who I am. So I don't think of myself as controversial--that's everyone else's job!"
  • "People call me the Lad Gaga but I reckon she should be the Madam Lambert. I mean, I am older! But seriously, GaGa is someone who appreciates the artists of the 70s. The acts doing well now are theatrical, that is what makes a popstar nowadays. Not many men have been going that route lately, I eased myself in by taking risks because I wanted people to understand my music first."
  • "At 26 I started running with hippies, going to underground events, I was really drawn to that crowd, everyone embraced each other's differences. There are so many parents who are too conservative in America. There are certain drugs out there that are really fun and recreational and can mean a good time. I'm not an advocate for drugs but it is all rock and roll and we are all adults."
  • "If only it weren't for Susan Boyle! I'm happy for her success, but that album is terrible. Wild Horses is the one that made me laugh the hardest. I just died when I heard it, I was crying with laughter. It was the most horrendous, sacrilegious treatment of that song! Still, when my album charted, it was validating. I was feeling bit attacked, like I had to vindicate something. I thought: 'Wow, look what I did.'"
  • "I mean, I kind of went for shock value on Idol. Did you guys not see me with rhinestones around my eyes and platform glitter boots on the finale? I kind of thought I had stepped it up and bought myself that leeway...It's been a while since a very visible male performer has publicly experimented with androgyny. It's just not current anymore. I'm trying to make it current again. I've always been attracted to that. That's my thing."
  • "People say I look like him with an emo haircut." (Elvis)
  • "I don't listen to show tunes on my headphones. I PROMISE YOU."
  • "All about free expression. It's all in the name of art."
  • "I want to be a role model for maybe that kid that feels he's a little weird or she's a little weird. The kid in school that doesn't quite fit the mold, someone that wants to be different..."
  • "I've heard rumors of bowling alleys, swimming pools. It's gonna be the life." (on the AI house)
  • "I am single. Always looking. I'll be looking for you."
  • "My parents tried to get me into T-ball and soccer...that was definitely not my jam."
  • "I like the cheerleaders." (17 Again)
  • "I wasn't embarrassed; I guess he was embarrassed." (Bill O'Reilly)
  • I wasn't flammable and I didn't go up in flames so everything's great!" (pyrotechnics in KISS)
  • "You know you've made it when you have a streaker."
  • "I was like, 'Oh, (bleep), they put me with the cute guy. Distracting! He's the one guy that I found attractive in the whole group on the show: nice, nonchalant, pretty and totally my type - except that he has a wife. I mean, he's open-minded and liberal, but he's definitely 100 percent straight."
  • "I'm going to glue rhinestones on my eyelids, bitch!"
  • "I realized that we all have our own power, and that whatever I wanted to do, I had to make happen.”
  • "I can't believe I get to play dress-up for a living now."
  • "I don't want to be looking over my shoulder all the time, thinking I have to hide, being scared of being found out, putting on a front, having a beard, going down the red carpet with some chick who is posing as my girlfriend. That's not cool, that's not being a rock star. I can't do that."
  • "I've had my heart broken. I've chased after people and had it not work out. Throughout my entire 20's so far I've wanted to be in love. That's what I want. I think everybody deserves that. And, I've only be in love once, so I'm still looking."
  • "I suffered from a little bit of an ugly duckling complex in my early twenties. When I was in high school I was 250 pounds and that creates some stuff...some body image stuff, some confidence issues and I got a lot of my confidence from the validation I got as a performer."


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  • "The dream space Lambert opens up is one in which sexuality is fluid." (Los Angeles Times)
  • "Adam is like a glittery alien from plant fierce!" (brother Neil Lambert)
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