• anyone who hand-carves stamps: a small stamp that says: NoisyTarli.etsy.com
  • any film version of any Jane Austen book (already have: Keira Knightley's P&P, Gwyneth Paltrow's Emma)--dvd or video's fine
  • any film version of any Shakespeare play
  • prisms off a lamp
  • bird guide
  • stuffed animal eyes
  • Game Boy/Game Boy Color games
  • Project Runway on DVD
  • Big Bang Theory on DVD
  • magazines (Ms., Bitch, Sojourners, Yes, Frankie)
  • Single Girl quilt pattern
  • Old camera lenses..supposedly they're easily found at garage sales but I'VE yet to run across any (SLR. K-mount bayonet type)
  • Little plastic toys like animals or cowboys and Indians
  • Magnetic Poetry (already have the basic kit)


  • French books (especially children's picture books, language-learning, fun novels)
  • shorthand books (Gregg method)
  • language-learning (any language)/language dictionaries/vintage textbooks
  • children's books/loose pages with illustrations of all kinds
  • poetry
  • vintage pulp fiction novels


  • Bollywood/other foreign films (all I ask is English subtitles)
  • old b-movies, horror movies, Alfred Hitchcock
  • indie films
  • Disney


  • CDs of birds singing
  • CDs of people laughing
  • Putumayo/etc, Brazilian jazz
  • your favorite local bands
  • vinyl, tapes
  • Barbershop quartet, happy indie


  • Shemagh scarves, also called keffiyehs or Palestinian scarves phttp://www.shoppingera.net/shemagh-keffiyeh-shmagh-or-yashmag/]
  • Saris, sari fabric, sari bags, instructions on how the heck to wear a sari..hhahah
  • Traditional ethnic clothing from anywhere in the world plus instructions on how to wear it if necessary ;]
  • These mitten-gloves
  • t-shirts, size adult small/youth large/jr medium
  • jewelry (costume, chunky plastic, handmade)
  • winter scarves


  • cute sewing patterns for size 4/5: sundresses, skirts, etc
  • art supplies of ALL kinds
  • charms/pendants/beads/wire/fishhook earrings/jump rings/etc
  • fabric, old ties, buttons, play money
  • yarn, ribbon, zippers, Girl Scout badges
  • vintage hankies, esp. pink
  • Kool-Aid (for dying, haha)

MORE THINGS I LIKE Elvis Presley, Adam Lambert, Agatha Christie, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, perpetual date stamps (even outdated ones), Masterpiece Theatre, PBS, NPR, Puff the Magic Dragon, peace signs, political campaign buttons, things with my name on them, chunky plastic costume jewelry, cute socks, comics (Looney Tunes, Archie, Betty & Veronica, Walt Disney, etc), fortune cookie fortunes, handmade jewelry, handmade pads, valentines, handbound books, amigurumi, vintage children's flash cards (preferrably with a color image and matching word or letter) or word books or dictionaries, Sweet Secrets, vintage skeleton keys, game pieces, typewriter keys, Cadbury creme eggs, vintage lunch box (with cartoon characters on it!), Obama souvenirs, hedgehogs, anything Scandinavian, Nancy Drew/Harriet the Spy, plaid, feminist items, origami, reusable shopping bags, mythology, shipwrecks, boats, robots, octopus/squid/sea urchin, swans, Ugly Duckling, camels, space/astronaut/rocket/spaceship/planets/constellations, flying monkeys, morsbags, dinosaurs, top hats, Curious George, Georgie the Ghost, a fun umbrella, Polaroid photos, a headband with a huge bow, red heart-shaped sunglasses, Nintendo, paper dolls, scratch and sniff, I Love Egg, ice cream, Anne Taintor, Halloween, thrift store treasures, matryoshka, musicals/Broadway, gumball machine prizes, stars, mermaids, owls, letter opener, pinback buttons, peacocks, foxes, caterpillars, fridge magnets, hot air balloons, silhouettes, birds, trees, Pound Puppies, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Dr. Seuss, Rainbow Brite, seahorses, Russia, embroidery, bunnies, Littlest Pet Shop, haunted houses, hearts, strawberries, cupcakes, squirrels, deer, 1980s, unicorns, turtles, sea monsters, Super Mario Brothers, alligators & crocodiles, sketchbooks, Charles Schultz, snails, animal figurines (the tinier the better), Moondreamer dolls, My Little Pony, whales, crayons, ballet shoes, art glass, beach glass, Calico Critters, Care Bears, elephants, Sharpies, fruit, glitter, flitter, glitter glue, googly eyes, kiwi, lolita, Polly Pocket, Popples, masquerade masks, lambs, Alice in Wonderland, tea parties, Marie Antoinette/Rococo, dada, the Lion King, Grimm brothers/Hans Chrsitian Andersen, Humpty Dumpty, music boxes with ballerinas inside, eye makeup in bright rainbow colors, Bambi, Aristocats, Pocahontas, Chevy Volt, Disney, Jem and the Holograms, Mattel Barbies (80s/90s), Ferris wheels, carousels, rockabilly, vampires, retro horror, swashbuckling, wizards, Henri Cartier Bresson, wishing fountains, street lamps, awesome tote bags, cookie cutters, manatees, rhinos, walruses, crazy album covers, futuristic/atomic, lighthouses (but NOT Thomas Kincade-y), Disneyland/world, hair accessories, pandas, dragons, glamorous black and white film stars, Vincent Price, Tim Burton, clouds, gnomes, pixies, Star Wars, rainbows, picnics, Pippi Longstocking, fishnets, pretty boys/boys in high heels, sequins, roller skates, eyeliner, proverbs/sayings/words of wisdom from all over the world, ice cream sandwich molds, ice cube trays in fun shapes, Little Red Riding Hood, Donald and Daisy, sock monkeys, zombies

jan 14 2010 ∞
sep 1 2010 +