• Nowhere in particular
  • Tennessee
  • Austin, TX
    • "Texas might be bigoted but it's beautiful, yes sirree"
  • California to visit P
    • We can hug him
    • A lot
    • OH
    • We can tackle him
    • And we can yell at him
    • Yell that we love him obvs
    • Also we can pester him
    • And just hug him until he's angry at us
    • Latch onto his legs
    • We can make him drag us around the floor
    • We can pester him for piggyback rides
    • We can make him sing for us


  • I am driving
    • L'Izzy will give me a treat every time I don't drive into a telephone pole
  • Charles and Paisley have also been volunteered to drive


  • Blast good music
  • Sing
  • Stop for picnic lunches
  • Pick up other yadas along the way
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