• Olga Tokarczuk: Hajtsad ekédet a holtak csontjain át
  • Daniel Kehlmann: Die Vermessung der Welt
  • Szécsi Noémi: Lányok és asszonyok aranykönyve
  • Uri Asaf: A Föld legmélyebb pontján
jul 31 2020 ∞
jul 31 2020 +
  • Nádasdy Ádám: Milyen nyelv a magyar?
  • Joachim Meyerhoff: Alle Toten fliegen hoch Amerika
  • Ferdinand von Schirach: Der Fall Collini
  • Földényi F. László: A melankólia dicsérete

(note to self: többet olvasni!)

jun 3 2020 ∞
jun 3 2020 +
  • ein neues Tattoo bekommen?
  • zu Meditation-Sessions gehen
  • die Sprachprüfung bestehen/schaffen
  • mich mit meinen Freunden treffen
  • nach Hause reisen
  • tanzen
  • Bier trinken und Eis essen auf der Straße
  • raus ins Natur gehen
  • lange Nächte in meiner Lieblingskneipe (hehe keine Alkoholiker bin ich;))verbringen
  • etwa ja fröhlich, ausspannend sein
apr 26 2020 ∞
jun 3 2020 +
  • Földényi F. László: Az eleven halál terei
  • John Williams: Stoner
  • Győrfi Kata: Te alszol mélyebben
  • Margaret Atwood: The Testaments
  • Molnár T. Eszter: Teréz, vagy a test emlékezete
mar 4 2020 ∞
mar 4 2020 +

she has such a dreamy voice, etheral, cold - if it makes any sense -, nordic and rich with emotions, i love her so much; her entire presence radiates creativity and i can't help but get super inspired whenever i listen to her music. lately i have been listening to her latest album while i am getting ready in the mornings, teeth-brushing, hair-combing, dressing-up and all, and my days get such an istant boost


i have been having troubles with spotify recently - the problem either being suspicious activity around my account (like lol?! the fuck is wrong with spotify letting my account got deleted)or the applications simply freezing out of the blue

aug 16 2019 ∞
aug 16 2019 +
  • weil ich wütend bin
  • mir geht es gut
  • egal wohin
  • niemand weist, ich was gut genug für dich
  • alle menschen tier sind
  • ich hoffe, es wird später besser
  • die höchste eisenbahn
  • auch die schöne muss sterben
  • ich war schon immer hier
  • die seele
  • die zeuge, lügen, treffen, dagegen, wahrscheinlich, sieht es gut aus, mein nachbar
  • es geht weiter, bleib ruhig
  • früher war es besser, oder
mar 17 2019 ∞
jun 7 2019 +

Heute gibt est nur ein kurzer Eintrag eigentlich! Mein Hirn ist tatsächlich kaputt gegangen, ich habe schon unbedignt zu viel Hörenmaterial gehören, dass ich immer aufs Deutsch denken kann (hah das wäre witzig, wünsche ich das!). Aber voll seriös: mit den täglichen Übungen und - wi heißt das? das Grind - Podcasten, sowie die Zwei Männer und Eine Stunde Historie (warum nicht Geschichte?), entwickelt sich meine Sprachkenntnis wie no other thing! Wie professionell für mich! Na ja, ich gehe schon zürück zu meine beliebtes Videos, ich habe einen Libelingskanal aufs Youtube zurzeit, das heißt Plus Reportage und handelt von über Alles.

jan 21 2019 ∞
jan 21 2019 +

na, okay. ich MUSS jeden Tag ein neuer Eintrag hier schreiben. ich benutze das Wort 'muss', weil - sehr schon! - ich meine Sprachprüfung im frühen Februar habe. um ehrlich zu sein, ich lese täglich in Deutsch und höre mir immer mehr Hörenmaterial an, aber...die Übung macht der Master(in). ich erinnere mich, wann ich meine Englischprüfung hätte, ich habe oft - fast jeden Tag (und das ist klotzig) - immer etwas in Englisch geschrieben. war ich sicher, dass jener Eintrag toll und "fählerfrei" war? nee, nichts. und das kann ich über diese nachfolgende Eintragen sagen. also, über mein Tag: heute ist der letztes Tag des Jahres, deshalb feiere ich mit meine Familie, Freunden, usw. ganz toll, oder? ich würde sagen, dass ich ein echte party-animal bin, aber das wäre total unwahr (eine faustdicke Lüge hah). je mehr ich über das Silvester denke, desto nervös ich werde. ah. ich hasse s...

dec 31 2018 ∞
dec 31 2018 +
  • Farbe (BEST. BAND. EVER. lately, i have been a sucker for music in german. okay, i still filter them and do not listen to every single one i stumble upon. but still.)
  • Hunger by Roxane Gay (a beautifully raw memoir, hihgly recommended to read)
  • fall-scent. to be more specific, the smell of rotting leaves hah, not to gross you out but they indeed do start rotting once they hit the ground.)
  • First Reformed (Ethan Hawke plays the role of a priest in rural America, and does perform magnificently! he has quickly become one of my all-time favorite actors ever, not only in Before Midnight - etc, so in the entire Before-trilogy - did he do an amazing job but also this one, the First Reformed, IS SO GREAT. however, i still have to dig myself deeper into his works.)
nov 4 2018 ∞
nov 4 2018 +
  • succesfully get prepared for a Sprachprüfung B2 Deutsch
  • get myself into the habit of writing more essays and IN PROSE
  • read more in English. period. (poems too!)
  • halve my movie-list on IMDB (by watching half of the list, obviously)
  • meet (and get to know eventually) an international student - and guide, help them in the fall semester
  • listen to more classical music and be able to recognize and differentiate between them after hearing only the first few notes
  • also speak more in German
  • save money so that i could get a new tat
  • visit all the lectures i have on my timetable
aug 4 2018 ∞
sep 16 2018 +
  • this album: Mild Orange-Foreplay
  • the artist Mondo Grosso
  • Miley Cyrus singing Jolene (i am actually pretty surprised that I find it good because I am not so keen on Miley in general)
  • CosRX BHA solution/essence (CosRX is magic)
  • the movie Singing in the rain (ffs, I hate musicals but this one does its job)
  • mid-life egsistencial crisis
  • smoke and alcohol free for more than a month!
  • charcoal sketches again (how I missed charcoal)
may 31 2018 ∞
may 31 2018 +
  • Kynodontas dir. by Yorgos Lanthimos
  • Mogwai - Coolverine; Helicon 1; Take me somewhere nice
  • Hazai Attila - Szilvia szüzessége
  • Bognár Péter - A rodológia rövid története (!!!!! highly recommend)

(btw, it's been a really dull month! honestly, nothing interesting has ever occured therefore this list takes some real strenght and guts to be finished)

  • raw almond milk (not the roasted one; it has a more subtle taste, smells of real marcipan AND tastes so silky, smooth and refreshing)
  • big ass family events, e.g. nameday celebrations with loads of alcohol (not that I am alcoholic) and cake
  • other social outings, for instance, drinking and chatting, contemplating life and listening to industrial music or 80s new ...
mar 27 2018 ∞
mar 27 2018 +


  • read the recommended list of books on the concept of language in the hungarian romanticism, especially the one that is theorised by v.m.
  • finish the book posthuman turn
  • also finish one book written in german


  • day winter moisturizer
  • vichy detoxifying clay mask
  • charcoal toothbrush
  • oatmilk
  • bershka coat (checkered, deep red, ruby)
feb 8 2018 ∞
feb 8 2018 +

books, movies, events, habits, venues I am looking forward to in the new year (still expanding)

  • the movie The house that Jack built (a Lars von Trier movie, the release date is still uncertain)
  • Son Lux concert in Budapest
  • Bonobo concert in Budapest
  • nicotine free life, lungs, hair, skin, teeth, existence
  • the book Aliens and Anorexia (it has been released, I know, but I am really excited about this one, as I have been longing for to read it for so long, awhh)
  • yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga yoga (I can't stress this enough)
  • less junk (minimize it, for my own's sake)
  • deustches sprachdiplom (SO FANCY I AM. just kidding. whatever, i am planning to do it in the early winter)
dec 31 2017 ∞
dec 31 2017 +
  • go running at least 2 times a week
  • do yoga at least 2 times a week
  • do some strenghtening exercises at least 1 times a week
  • drink plenty of water
  • IF in the morning and break fast at around 1.00 pm
  • eat a balanced, low sugar diet
  • pamper yourself (baths, beauty, massage)
  • sleep
  • reduce alcohol intake
  • quit smoking (for real)
  • enjoy yourself
  • go on long walks
  • laugh more
  • love your shape/face etc
nov 12 2017 ∞
nov 12 2017 +
  • post-modern and metabolical architecture
  • especially Japanese architecture of such
  • therefore every construction by Kenzo Tange
  • and also the Takara Beautilion by Kisho Kurokawa
  • beton brut
  • this song: salami rose joe louis - I miss you so
  • buzzcut for women
  • the movie Feed and also the one called To The Bone
  • weather getting cold
  • Bailey's Irish Cream
  • black tea with natural sweeteners and almond milk
  • Vincent Cassel's upcoming role in Edouard Deluc's new movie Gauguin
  • La vié d' Adéle
  • prunes
  • Anti-Oedipus:Capitalism and Schizophrenia...
sep 1 2017 ∞
sep 1 2017 +


  • Vincent Cassel
  • Eugene Hütz
  • Tom Hardy
  • Jamie Bell (aka K.)
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Christoph Waltz
  • Adrien Brody
  • Shia Labeouf
  • Jason Schwartzman
  • Freja Beha Erichsen
  • Catherine McNeil
  • PJ Harvey

and also a bunch of unmentioned, really seductive people whose name is better off anonymous

jul 23 2017 ∞
sep 1 2017 +
  • Satyricon
  • The Holy Mountain
  • A hosszútávfutó magányossága
  • Vivre sa vie
  • A félelem megeszi a lelket
  • A bádogdob
  • Farkasok órája, Persona, A hetedik pecsét (
  • Sirokkó (Jancsó)
  • Fényes szelek
  • Kés a vízben(Polanski)
  • Simon, a mágus+Az én XX. századom
  • Virgin Suicides
  • Woyzeck
  • Enter the void(Noé)
  • Mary and Max
  • Itchi the Killer+Oldboy
  • This is just the end of the world
  • Saló
  • The silence of the lambs
  • American history X
jul 6 2017 ∞
jul 30 2017 +
  • get your wires crossed (to mess up certain things, esp. their outcome)
  • preface your argument
  • to amass(accumulate, pile up)
  • contrary to sg
  • to give a low-down(be really intimate or foul)
  • to wage war (to be against a certain party, to be opponents)
  • to pay tribute
  • sentient (able to perceive or feel things)
jul 2 2015 ∞
jul 2 2015 +
  • Crow, Thomas (1996): The Rise of the Sixties, 1996.
  • Habermas, Jürgen: “Modernity” - An Incomplete Project” (1980)
  • Lyotard, Jean Francois: ”What Is Postmodernism?” (1982)
  • Greenberg, Clement: “Avant-garde and Kitsch” (1939), “Towards a Newer Laocoon” (1940), “Modernist Painting” (1961)
  • Adorno, Theodor: ”Commitment” (1962)
  • Fried, Michael, ”Three American Painters” (1965)
  • Clark, T.J., ”The Unhappy Consciousness”, i Farewell to an Idea. Episodes from a History of Modernism, New Haven: Yale University Press, 1999
  • Krauss, Rosalind, ”Jackson Pollock’s Agency”
  • Kaprow, Allan, ”The Legacy of Jackson Pollock”, i Essays on the Blurring of Ar...
feb 16 2013 ∞
feb 16 2013 +
  • Apple with cinnamon on top
  • Almond with raisin
  • Steamed broccoli with garlic
  • 0% fat yogurt with calcium
  • Frozen berry salad
  • Milk and banana shake
  • A hanful of oatmeal with honey
  • A mug of hot chocolate
  • Low-fat cottage cheese with stevia
  • Grapes dipped into melted dark chocolate
feb 15 2013 ∞
feb 15 2013 +
  • Where the Crawdads Sing
  • Girl, Woman, Other
  • Educated
  • 1984
  • The Body Keeps the Score
  • Slouching Towards Bethlehem
jun 4 2020 ∞
jul 31 2020 +

Ich bin wirklich zu Hause gesperrt (gestuck?) - gibt es diese Wort auf Deutsch in diesem Form -, denn ich arbeite zurzeit von Zuhause. Es ist ein sehr gutes Gefühl, um ehrlich zu sein, aber es gibt auch sehr viele Gelegenheiten mich zu langweilen. Verstehe mich nicht falsch, es fühlt sich wie einen echten Sagen (Gnade?), aber das Gefühl,wichtig und fähig zu sein, wehrt mir ja sehr viel. Trotz dieses Gefühls, versuche ich mich ja ausreichend zu entspannen. Ich höre mich sehr viele deutschen podcaste an, schaue mir youtube an, mache ständing Übungen. Aus diesem Grund fühle ich mich sicherer, als, zum Beispiel, habe ich mich vor ein paar Wochen vorher gefühlt. Irgendwie trefft oder erreicht man ein Lebenspunkt oder Zeitpunt, wenn man diese ewigen Tätigkeitsgefühlen ignorieren kann. Ewig zu Verfügung zu stehen, das geht nicht. Das macht mir krank im Kopft.

may 25 2020 ∞
jun 3 2020 +
  • Márai Sándor: Egy polgár vallomásai
  • Szvoren Edina: Nincs, és ne is legyen
  • András György: A lusta portfólió
mar 29 2020 ∞
mar 29 2020 +
  • been listening to old faves of mine, feels super weird to realize I once had such a different taste in music - i think music becomes eventually central in one's life. the german says it is ursprünglich or der Ursprung it is and also Linn Ullmann says that her father - Ingmar Bergman - told her once that the older he gets the more music means to him. i can relate to it, only not due to getting old(er) but having a completely different life than i used to have, let's say in 2019.
  • i have realized no matter what i have to rely on myself one and only. in capital once again, just to stress things: you can only rely on yourself. cliché but true.
  • italki defines my new decade: spending money on virtual language classes feels the right thing to do.
  • having nightmares: tonight or to be more ...
jan 15 2020 ∞
jan 15 2020 +

endlich raus aus dem Alltag, ein paar Tage ohne Verpflichtungen und Zeitgefühl leben - danach sehnten mein Freund Eldar und ich uns schon lange. Mit einem Roadtrip wollten wir uns diesen Traum nun endlich erfüllen. Zielloses Rumerein, schlafen, wo und wann man möchte - das kling nach Freiheit pur! Weil wir aber natürlich keinen eigenen Van haben, mieten wir uns einen über Yescapa, einer Platform, über die Wohnmobile und Campingbusse von Privatpersonen verliehen werden. Das Airbnb für Vans sozusagen. Ausgestattet nur mit dem Nötigsten (packt unbedingt gemütliche Sachen ein. In engen Jeans fährt es sich nicht so bequem) saßen wir wenige Woche später im Van auf Mallorca.

jun 7 2019 ∞
jun 7 2019 +
  • jeden Tag am mindestens 1-2 Stunden lesen
  • jeden Tag irgendwas Sport treiben
  • jeden Tag auf Deutsch sprechen (hören, lesen, schreiben)
  • jeden Tag maximal 1200 kcl essen
mar 2 2019 ∞
mar 2 2019 +

ich weiß es nicht, was ist los eigentlich mit mir, aber ich habe heute einen ganzen Film (in englisch) gesehen und darüber eine Note - auch in englisch- gemacht. na ja, man kann sagen es war ein super produktive Tag. die Frage des Tages: was brauche ich für bessere Sprachkentnisse? natürlich: viele Übungen zu lösen und viel zu üben (past formular: geübt). es gibt viel unterschidliche Möglichkeiten so zu tun. ich bin aber sehr froh über mein Fortschritt. ich erinnere mich sehr gern an, wie ich im frühen Juni oder Juli - ich bin nicht sicher darüber - in deutsch schreiben kann. haha das war total witzig, aber man muss irgendwo and irgendwann anfangen. ich habe viel gelernt, nich nur viele Wörter, sonder auch Synonime, Grammatik, usw. ich weiß, ich weiß, diese Eintragen sind super langsam...zunächts.

jan 2 2019 ∞
jan 2 2019 +
  • Unruly Bodies - an anthology, curated by Roxane Gay.
  • Pro7, Galileo
  • The Vegetarian by Han Kang.
  • BØRNS - American Money
  • meeting new people, getting to know them
  • slow, serene days off
  • a closer insight of macro- and microeconomics
  • reading A LOT.
  • podcasts per se
sep 7 2018 ∞
sep 16 2018 +

very accurate - exact very afraid - fearful very angry - furious very annoying - exasperating very bad - awful very beautiful - gorgeous very big - massive very bright - luminous very busy - swamped very calm - serene very capable - accomplished very careful - cautious very cheap - stingy very clear - obvious very clever - intelligent very colorful - vibrant very competitive - cutthroat very complete - comprehensive very confused - perplexed very conventional - conservative very creative - innovative very crowded - bustling very cute - adorable very dangerous - perilous very dear - cherished very deep - profound very depressed - despondent very detailed - meticulous very different - disparate very difficult - arduous very dirty - filthy very dry - arid very dull - tedious very eager - keen very easy - effortless very empty - desolate very evil - wicked very excited - thrilled very expensiv...

aug 20 2018 ∞
aug 20 2018 +

I am updating my monthly fave-lists with tiny jots and impressions on and about the things listed! I find it more inspirational and probably it gives you (and me, because there is high chance that no one reads it besides me) a better perspective on these items.

  • Feng Suave - Honey, There Is No Time

<i am so in love with these tunes lately! a sort of mixture of lo-fi, downtempo, chill hop, you name it, i listen to it. but besides of joking, these are truly little gems of things that you should check out! i have other faves to list because they do deserve some attention here too: A Beacon School, L' Indécis>

  • the feeling after finals

<OMG, it is like you have successfully painted your entire apartment, or run a marathon, learnt a new langugue...so a jigge...

jun 27 2018 ∞
sep 16 2018 +
  • the movie Se7en (HAH)
  • My Shin Ni sheet masks, they are really high quality
  • started learning Dutch (het meisjes zijn kool)
  • also, still improving my German (kinda)
  • losing 5 kg (it is still under-progress)
  • good poems, texts, etc i actually finished
  • the movie Get out! so good
  • sunglasses (them 90s)
  • korean skincare (A Pieau, Innisfree, Tony Moly, Etude House)
  • bershka and zara clothing (bye, H&M)
  • IF!!
  • Merk & Kremont - Sad Story (Out Of Luck)
may 7 2018 ∞
may 7 2018 +
  • it is perfectly fine to cry for no reason whatsoever
  • it is perfectly fine to say no without any excuse
  • it is perfectly fine to be alone for days or so
  • it is perfectly fine to love yourself shamelessly
  • it is perfectly fine to be upset about yourself now and then
  • it is perfectly fine to have some lazy days
  • it is perfectly fine to eat sugary food, sugary beverages
  • it is perfectly fine to indulge in otherwise unnecessary things
  • it is perfectly fine to have crush on people without forcing it to become anything less or more serious
  • it is perfectly fine to be told no
  • it is perfectly fine to feel doubts
feb 21 2018 ∞
feb 21 2018 +
  • el buhó-manana tepotzlan
  • mulholland drive by david lynch
  • egy dadogás története - vida gábor
  • jump rope
  • peru
  • fire
  • realizing that healing is not a one-step achievement but a long-term process with several ups and downs which is perfectly normal
  • gaining patience
  • nightskies
  • finding nice furniture
  • self-love
  • a few breakdowns are perfectly fine
  • doing nothing is also perfectly fine
  • gettin lots of tattoo is cool
jan 23 2018 ∞
jan 23 2018 +
  • The Beast& The Sovereign by J. Derrida
  • the movie Apocalypse Now by F.F.Coppola
  • music that reminds me of cellphone hold music (e.g.Walter Wanderley)
  • French new wave cinematography
  • cold november nights with early twilight
  • sweet potato fries
  • waking up really early
  • vanilla-musk showers/baths
  • diópálinka
  • bowling
  • Masayoshi Takanaka (them 70s!!)
  • The Lips of Thomas by Marina Abramovic
  • performativity-studies
  • the movie Rear Window by A. Hitchcock
  • the movie Wings of Desire by W. Wenders
nov 12 2017 ∞
dec 1 2017 +
  • mint tea with honey
  • freshly squeezed orange juice
  • smoke-free lungs
  • Hajas Tibor
  • Otto Muehl
  • this song: The Tiger Lillies-Russians
  • Tibor Fischer's Under the frog
  • quick self-portraits made with crayons
  • long walks after 8pm
  • ashtanga yoga sessions
  • incense sticks
  • sleeping in
  • spending lovely nights at lovely people's places
  • reading on a long train ride
  • weather getting even colder
  • hair getting longer
  • SELF-CONTROL per se
oct 8 2017 ∞
oct 8 2017 +

A VERY SHORT AND ALSO A REALLY IMPERFECT LIST OF JOLLY NICE PHRASES AND IDIOMS TO PULL OFF WHEN YOU WANT TO IMPRESS SOMEONE WITH YOUR DRUNK RAMBLINGS (this calls for storytime, sorry, but i have to share this: so whenever i get slightly tipsy - which basically happens everytime because, well, my body reacts in such a poor way to booze that i get instantly drunk after a few rounds, whatever, so, i get drunk easily and every single time i start speaking in english with a really far-fetched, annoying accent that i developed some years ago by watching horrendous amounts of english comedies -fry and laurie still rocks and allo allo too -, so yeah, i always speak silly things but it is a jolly good feeling everytime SO THAT IS basically the point of my story, that, my friends i do speak english sumetimez- I AM OFFICIALLY DONE WITH THIS RANT so let's hop onto them posh phrases

sep 1 2017 ∞
aug 4 2018 +
  • Bonobo: Black Sands album
  • also, Lorde: Melodrama album
  • Kafka: The Castle
  • canned bean and lettuce salad
  • JA
  • afternoon reading
  • quick doodles
  • a.creature (instagram artist)
  • Lana del Rey's new image
  • Studio Ghibli movies
  • art brut
  • drinking hot tea before bed
  • skincare routine
  • vodka
aug 8 2017 ∞
aug 8 2017 +
  • read at least 2 hours every day
  • watch at least 3 movies on a weekly basis
  • write every day (e.g.diary, short notes, impressions)
  • write in English and in German, too (at least a few sentences)
  • make more blog entries (even though no one reads blogs anymore)
  • be more active (walk more, do yoga)
  • drink tonns of water (at least 3 l/day)
  • get emotionally disattached from toxic people
  • be less moody
  • quit smoking
  • drink only 2 days a week
  • be more assertive, positive, etc
jul 11 2017 ∞
jul 30 2017 +
  • olvasni minden nap 1 órát minimum
  • írni minden nap legalább 1 órát
  • minden héten elkészíteni egy portrét(realista ábrázolással)
  • filozófiával foglalkozni
  • listát írni szerzőkről, akiktől olvasni fogok
  • iskolai munkát komolyan venni, azzal minden nap 2-3 órát foglalkozni
  • angol nyelvvel foglalkozni minden nap 0,5-1 órát
  • festeni (figurális vagy absztrakt?)
  • művészettörténeti írásokkal foglalkozni, műelemzéseket készíteni
  • kritikákat, recenziókat, irodalmi műelemzéseket írni
  • tudományos szövegeket olvasni
  • fordítani! angol verseket magyarra, angol szöveget magyarra
jul 17 2015 ∞
jul 17 2015 +
  • drink 2l water every day
  • paint or draw every day
  • go to bed at 12 pm(!!)
  • have a light breakfast
  • have three meals a day
  • eat vegan food
  • read at least an hour every day
  • improve my English
  • do yoga
  • run at least 9 km every week (3x3km)
  • meditate every night
  • smoke ONLY three cigs a day
  • go for a walk at least every second day
jul 2 2015 ∞
jul 2 2015 +
  • hit the gym 6x a week, as usual
  • learn as much about art history as possible
  • browse listography more often
  • unearth more new English words
  • figure out why my laptop can't handle heat
  • try to accept my accent
jul 31 2013 ∞
jul 2 2015 +
list icon
  • Drink water every hour. (not only is water healthy for your body but also fexcellent to clean your skin)
  • Limit yourself to small and healthy snacks and meals whenever you are hungry.
  • Exercise daily because eventually you will get those abs and butt.
  • Get away from internet and read a book instead.
  • Stay and be motivated. (it doesn't matter what your inspiration is, you don't need to reveal it)
feb 15 2013 ∞
jul 2 2015 +
  • LOVE
  • I-D
  • Vogue
  • Acne Paper
  • Dazed&Confused
  • 25
feb 14 2013 ∞
feb 15 2013 +
  • Szilasi László: Kései házasság
  • Bödecs László: Az árvíz helye
  • Karl Ove Knausgård: Halál
jul 1 2020 ∞
jul 1 2020 +
  • bejárati ajtó projekt
  • erkély projekt
  • német projekt
  • sport projekt
  • kiegészítők projekt
  • ruhásszekrény projekt
may 25 2020 ∞
may 25 2020 +
  • Vass Norbert: Indiáncseresznye
  • Lydia Davis: The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis
  • Háy János: A gyerek
  • Alice Oswald: Memorial
  • Fenyvesi Orsolya: Ostrom
apr 26 2020 ∞
apr 26 2020 +
  • Geir Gulliksen: Mielőtt elváltunk
  • Fenyvesi Orsolya: Tükrök állatai
  • Adam Kay: This is Going to Hurt
  • Linn Ullmann: A nyugtalanok
  • Margaret Atwood: The Handmaid's Tale
  • Harag Anita: Évszakhoz képest hűvösebb
  • Simon Bettina: Strand
feb 2 2020 ∞
feb 2 2020 +
  • Rammstein's latest album, Deutschland
  • the band Die höchste Eisenbahn
  • MASSIVE life changes out of the blue (seldom have i experienced such radical turnarounds, to be frank)
  • english&german practice sessions (sehr lustig, sehr entspannend)
  • the book The Formula (informative af)
  • turning into, transforming into a somewhat complete adult - if there is any valid definition of adolescence, adulthood usw - one experiences it differently, i know. mine is rough, raw, thorough, scary, unsettling, dreamy, surprising, filled with a bunch of letting-gos, with emotions, dreams coming ture or perhaps fading away, etc. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE TBH
  • longer, natural hair (i still want a cut, tho)
  • being financially conscious
  • the book How Not To Die
jun 7 2019 ∞
jun 7 2019 +
  • Lola Marsh
  • Ricsárdgír
  • Bartók Imre-Jerikó épül
  • deutsch C1 sprachprüfung Vorbereitung
  • thesis getting sloooooowly but steadily ready
  • self-doubt IS HEALTHY, mkay?! a thinking man has to accept their flaws, logical slips etc - failures and flaws show that you are actually thinking - one cannot think without some trouble
  • actually attending classes and seminars
  • quitting snacking (preferably)
  • days getting longer
  • Freaks -the 1932 movie IS SO GOOD
  • Cowboy Bebop -esp. the OST
mar 2 2019 ∞
mar 2 2019 +

hah es ist sehr witzig, dass ich immer für mir etwas zusagen, das ich kann niemals einhalten (das heißt tägliche deutsche Eintrages). das Skript ist immer die nächste: da bin ich, ein Paar Wochen später, mit einem Gesitzustand, den ich kann kaum tolerieren. man muss deshalb fragen: warum machst du dann solche Zusagen für dir? die Antwort ist ziemlich leich: weil ich irgendwie und irgenwann diese Versuche und Fehler mag! na ja, komisch aber sinnvoll. denk durch! es will ein Zeit sei, wann man jene Zusagen einhalten kann. und ich bin hier, warten auf die gleiche Zeit, wann ich meine Zusagen ausprobieren soll. ich bin schon sehr philosophistisch, oder? p.s. heute, habe ich fast gar nichts gemacht, nur ein tolles Buch gelest, youtube geschaut und endlich mit meiner Schwester über unsere Sommerfrische gesprochen. tschüs

jan 12 2019 ∞
jan 12 2019 +
  • b2 deutsch komplex sprachprüfung
  • thesis (preferably a decent one)
  • trip to Florence (until that: learn a few italian expression)
  • get a privat piano teacher (if you know what i mean winky face)
  • the grind never stops: get back on track with my non-existent and VIRTUAL gym routine
  • eat healthier
  • read MORE oh my god, dios mio, mein gott PLEASE
dec 24 2018 ∞
dec 24 2018 +
  • the album Gogol Bordello: East Infection
  • Hannibal series; mainly because of Mads Mikkelsen
  • Mads Mikkelsen - ha has to be featured on this list! period
  • the site Man Repeller (man oh man, one of the highest quality websites on the worldwide web)
  • Beszélgetések Pilinszky Jánossal (if you are Hungarian, I highly recommend it to read; a truly masterpiece. btw, read Pilinszky in English, too - his poems are translated by Ted Hughes)
  • movie hiatus (sometimes it actually feels kinda good not to be inquired to be watching movies 024)
  • the feeling of gratitude (not trying to sound corny but i am really grateful for a lot of things in my life right now; also the ability to be in the right mental place to comprehend the signs of me evolvin...
jul 29 2018 ∞
jul 29 2018 +

safe-spaces (either imaginary, virtual or actual) for me when feeling utterly blue/down/unwanted/agitated:

  • the music of cigarettes after sex
  • tumblr
  • cold blankets
  • hot water, no matter where
  • dandelion-fields
  • the scent of hot milk
may 15 2018 ∞
may 15 2018 +
  • Yorgos Lanthimos

(omg, he is such a good director, I love him! yesterday I watched The Lobster and The killing of a sacred deer one after the other, so basically I was watching Lanthimos for a solid 4 hours in a row)

  • Nick Cave: Something gotten hold of my heart
  • Marc Almond & Gene Pitney - Something`s Gotten Hold Of My Heart
  • One Hundred Years of Solitude by Marquez
  • Mario Badescu Facial Spray
  • Final Cut by Pálfi György (he also directed the movie Taxidermia)
  • Army of Love-Crucified (nostalgic I am)
  • unicum
  • being less or more smoke free, hooray
  • Lavazza grounded coffee
feb 25 2018 ∞
may 7 2018 +
  • animal » penguin
  • band » papooz
  • beatle » i dont like the beatles
  • bird » Cyanistes caeruleus
  • car » citroen ds
  • cheese » ementaler
  • classical piece » erik satie gymnopedies
  • coffee » latte macchiato w/ stevia and cinnamon and LOTS OF FROTH
  • color » white, sand, black
  • dog breed » husky
  • drug » cannabis
  • flower » peony
  • food » everything that is cold and (plant)milky
  • genre » no specific one
  • gemstone » black opal
  • graphic novel » death note
  • herb » peppermint
  • holiday » christmas
jan 30 2018 ∞
feb 8 2018 +
  • mulled wine with a decent amount of chili
  • essays and books on cultural development(s), behaviours etc (and the phenomenon we call 'culture')
  • Till Lindemann singing Mein herz brennt (piano cover)
  • the book Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson
  • getting in touch with my self again (after months of numbness)
  • hair getting loooooooooooong
  • dyeing my hair a more natural, deep brownish color
  • german language (revision! and learning)
  • bauhaus
  • tickets for the upcoming Son Lux concert as a christmas gift (yaay)
  • creamy cappucinos
  • yankee candles (but just a very minimum range of possible scents that I can handle...
dec 31 2017 ∞
dec 31 2017 +
  • Arco, Italy
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Hallstadt, Austria
oct 29 2017 ∞
oct 29 2017 +

for brekkie:

  • fresh fruits
  • smoothies
  • oatmeal

for lucnh:

  • vegan one-plates
  • soups
  • sandwiches (whole grain bread, avo, mustard, etc)
  • potato
  • steamed veggies

for dinner:

  • salads
  • cracker bread with veggies

for snacks:

  • tea with plantmilk
  • dried fruit
oct 8 2017 ∞
jan 23 2018 +
  • theredlist.com
  • wikiart.org
  • bookdepository.com
  • memrise.com
aug 11 2017 ∞
aug 4 2018 +
  • Gilles Deleuze
  • Pall Mall
  • long talks
  • sleeping with open windows
  • oil paintings by Wols
  • the smell of Avon Luck perfume
  • peaches
  • walking after 6pm
  • writing short notes in my calendar
  • linework tattoo
  • French women
  • patisserie
  • coffee with natural sweeteners and a splash of milk
  • getting ready in 20 minutes
  • short pixie haircut
  • fringe
  • silver and white hair
jul 18 2017 ∞
jul 30 2017 +
  • Hindi Zahra
  • vegan brownies
  • Chinese aesthetical studies
  • the film Birdman
  • Loewe f/w 15
  • black leather Alexander Wang jacket
  • incense stick (musk)
  • Nike Air running shoes
  • cashews with bell pepper
  • The Neighbourhood
  • Jorge Louis Borges
  • long love letters
  • candles (vanilla)
oct 18 2015 ∞
oct 18 2015 +
  • tantalising look
  • bambi eyes
  • heart-shaped glasses
  • cherry-coloured eyes
  • hazel iris
  • long, wavy hair (black or brown)
  • innocent look
  • skirts only (ONLY BUY SKIRTS FROM NOW ON)
  • knee-high socks
  • tops and shirts
  • flirry bras
  • lace (not too much)
  • no or minimal make-up
  • backpack
  • Lana del Rey songs in the background (or Marina and the Diamonds)
  • read Nabokov and Joyce and Updike and Sailinger and Durrell
  • love art history
  • eat cute food only!
jul 2 2015 ∞
jul 2 2015 +
  • it helps to reduce my risk of getting stressed
  • it widens my knowledge on various things
  • it prevents me to become a complete lunatic
  • it offers a wide range of videos to sing and encourages me to do so, even though i have no good voice
  • it makes me smile whenever i see my old self
  • it gives access to several famous bloggers
  • it educates me
  • it takes me to different places(virtually)
  • it shows me new people
jul 31 2013 ∞
jul 2 2015 +
  • Get a more toned and fitter body
  • Become clean-eater
  • Learn as much English words as possible
  • Draw a complete portrait of a person with graphite
  • Run the half marathon
  • Train for the marathon
  • Get tanned skin in a healthy tone
  • Drink 2 l water every day
feb 16 2013 ∞
feb 16 2013 +
  • Run every week at least 8 km.
  • Do three aerobics classes per week(pick from these alternatives):
  • a 40 minute long full body work-out
  • a 20 minute long thigh work-out
  • a 20 minute long upper body work-out
  • a 20 minute long abs work-out
  • a 20 minute long butt and hips work out
  • a 60 minute long full body work-out
  • Streching after every work-out at least for 10 minutes
  • Yoga for begginers
  • Use jump rope more often
  • Do push ups, or at least learn to do them
feb 15 2013 ∞
feb 15 2013 +