• Tim Burton and Wes Anderson making a movie together
  • another season of Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge
  • those books becoming movies:
    • Aldebaran and Betelgeza comics
    • Wildwood series
    • Kraina chichów
    • Kraina marzeń
    • Metro 2033
    • Greatwinter series
  • book about Poirot trying to catch Lupin or working with him somehow
  • Titanic movie about all people who've been there and who's stories we know and yet didn't show in the existing Titanic movie (or didn't show enough of them)
  • interior designing show for thrifting people
  • online game about thrifting or found objects where you can trade, fix and build things, maybe post apocalyptic one with some rare items
  • very realistic creator of characters with poses, emotions, backgrounds and other customizable stuff to making webcomics, storyboards etc.
  • movie/show based on my book
may 15 2017 ∞
jul 21 2019 +