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  • ❝ [uh- thee -nuh] n. the virgin deity of the ancient greeks worshiped as the goddess of wisdom, fertility, the useful arts, and prudent warfare. ❞
      • 1。 100% exo (m + cbx really aches my heart) + girl group trash ♥.
      • 2。 emotionally unstable college graduate.
      • 3。 anime, books, fashion, music, soccer, & traveling.
      • 4。 studying japanese & portuguese.
      • 5。 my heart aches for kim jongdae , do kyungsoo (&& i'll fight for huang zitao)
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  • how to love: "be their partner in crime, let them explore everything. don't try to confine them, let them ramble about their thoughts and idea's, always return their honesty. don't try to tarnish their optimism, push them to work hard to achieve their dreams. make them laugh, be spontaneous, accept their quirks and be open to their unconventional way of seeing things in life."
  • optimists : leo, sagittarius , libra, pisces."
  • signs as dragons : "smaller than the average size of a dragon, but has the fastest wings due to its light weight and is able to reach higher above the clouds than any other dragon."
  • signs as girlfriends : "sagittarius is the girlfriend who likes to go on adventures with you and your friends. she likes to go camping and fishing and hiking. sagittarius is the girlfriend who has a very carefree nature and doesn't care too much about who you hang ou...
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