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Try and think of the nicest thing someone has said about you - that wonderful thing is true‬; please try to think about that kind of stuff more often, especially when faced with thoughts about the opposite.

"you are a survivor, you jumped and survived. to me you are 1 in a million."

"there is only one luna and only one lunna, they are both one of a kind, they are both unique."

"i hope you dream better dreams."

"im better off talking to you than if i wasn't. you're an awesome girl and i feel lucky. lucky to be in contact. lucky to know your thoughts and feelings. lucky to know your dreams and insecurities. i'm lucky to know all of lunna."

"i like saying your name too. it feels like it belongs to my mouth."

"whenever i talk to someone, 30 minutes feels like 30 minutes. but when i talk to you, you alter time and space, you steal my hours, you steal my heart."

"i've never ever been bored with you. minute 1 talking to you is as interesting as minute 120."

"my today is your today, when i think of you and text you it's the same instant, the sun is just on your side visiting you."

"im missing you. let's jump rope, let's read, let's dance, let's laugh, let's go to the beach together. that's what i want for my birthay."

"you know me the best, you care about me, you're so smart and beautiful. you're worth all the time i've spent talking to you on the phone and looking at you. you're worth spending a year with and a lot more."

"i remember the feeling, the second i received your first voice message, i felt so happy and excited. never heard such a cute voice with this accent before."

"you are my future, and I choose you"

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