• I want to rattle off anatomy in my sleep just like that Paediatric Surgeon said I should be able to
  • I want to be indisputably good in my basic science knowledge so that no matter how much I am challenged by people that it is irrefutably excellent
  • I want to be proficient at different languages just like the Chinese lady who lives near the Vatican who can speak French, English and Chinese because being multilingual opens up other job opportunities
  • I want to become a teacher/leader so that I am able to explain things well and pass on knowledge and enjoy life more as a result of doing so and also learn more about myself as a person and reach other people's lives
  • I want to be someone who has a wide range of experiences so that I am able to make an informed decision about the future and so that in the future I am able to see things differently from different points of view
  • I want to improve my computer skills so that I am able to make/build things and improve the system so that the system doesn't stay stagnant and improves for future users and recipients of the system
  • I want to affect and change the world in a broader sense of making a difference and I want to affect many people at once by just being myself and putting in hardwork to make a change for the better. I want to affect all the lives that I touch for the better, no matter how small that difference may be. I hope my life to be my message. I just have to keep trying to live the way I want to become.
  • Most of all in my professional life, I want to become a better clinician in knowledge and skills and I want to acquire this in a professional manner. I want to become surgeon but not at the cost of damaging my integrity. I am not willing to suck up or kiss ass, I am not going to be hypocritical. I am going to remain true and whatever is to be, will be. I will most of all, be the best doctor I can be, no matter what happens.
  • I want to become a better person by becoming more hardworking, diligent, careful and one with foresight in being able to predict what is important to know. I want to become a better time manager and I want to be a more well rounded person by having interests outside of work. I want to be good to my friends, good to my strangers, good to my patients, and as professional as I can be to those who wish to hate or dislike me, I have to rise above all the obstacles a better person. I hope to be resilient and knowledgeble, and caring above all else.
  • I want to become a better communicator - writer, reader and speaker. I want to read more, engage more, see more, experience more.
  • I am impatient to take myself less seriously. I want to be more fun and interesting to be around.
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