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  • things i hope i live to see
  • fictional places i'd like to visit-
  • qualities i admire in others
  • april fools day jokes
  • things i never want to forget
  • wishes
  • movies i wish i could see for the first time again
  • things to photograph with my diana mini
  • a list of people i'd trade lives with
  • fun words i'd like to use more often
  • what i'd do on a 'perfect' day
  • things i'd like to do when i am old
  • places in australia i'd like to visit
  • traits of my parents i see in myself
  • things found on my street (photograph)
  • fascinating individuals (e.g. charles darwin, einstein, da vinci, etc).
  • childhood happinesses
  • seen from the seat of my bicycle - on a particular day or a collection (eg. man me...
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