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  • "so freezing cold" i don't love you - gray
  • " i don't know why, i run away" save your tears - the weeknd
  • "받아들여야만 해 (you have to accept it)" ego - sokodomo
  • "who got the feeling? tell me why i cry when i feel it" bleach - brockhampton
  • "i know you think of me when you think of her" the adults are talking - the strokes
  • "마치 천국의 déjà vu 지금부터 난 널 만나 interview" world - seventeen
  • "i know you think about me sometimes" closer 2 - eden
  • "well don't you sit in front of me and wait for me to talk" baby came home 2 / valentine - the neighbourhood
  • "you couldn't stop crying, i couldn't cry at all / how can i dance myself clean? / these rooms just dirty my soles" balling - eden
  • "if that feeling had a price then i would gladly pay it over and over and over 'til i'm broke" projector - eden
  • "나른한 네 품속 떠다니고 싶어 / 그럴 수만 있다면 날 안아 let me in / 'cause it's blue / 너의 두눈" let me in - exo
  • “i’m talking syncopated breathing, love every evening” three six five - neptune
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