I'm not sure if it will sell all of those things...it'd be a lot of ingredients to stock...

Eric and I want to make a shop that sells fresh fruit and (maybe) vegetables as well as other snacks that would help complete the daily values of nutrition and food groups etc for people. Because a lot of people have trouble filling all of those wholes in their diet EVERY DAY. It would be a shop where you could just come in and have like, a serving of fruit, a serving of vegetables, and like, an egg or something. or granola...health food, but presented and prepared in cool ways that actually make people want to eat them.

but then there is the dilemma of me wanting a drink/coffee shop, and also a DONUT shop! would it be possible to combine a drink/coffee shop with a semi-food/snack shop AND incorporate donuts and baked goods into it?



- i want to have similar textures as lollicup if its possible to copy - unique flavors - sell slushies, tea, snows (omg copy but i mean the texture), coffee, smoothies, hot chocolate, unique soda pops and foreign drink products, strawberry milku, chocolate milku, vanilla milku, horchata, iced te, and jellies

possible flavors: slush/snow- strawberry bubblegum horchata chocolate cofee creme coffee marshmallow creme banana banana creme apple cinammon pomegrantate (with or w/o seeds!) clementine

have things they can add to the drink: honey pom seeds mini gummi bears mint boba jelly pearls

green power juice! (call it something else, and it should be a suuper healthy but yummy smoothie/maybe yogurt drink?) of course must be green.

apple pie cookies

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