• core wiring: type 4
    • you want to be inspired, intuitive, and unique; but most importantly, you want to be passionate, true to your feelings, and authentic. you see yourself as a sensitive intellectual. that is, you see yourself as creative, expressive, and spiritual. you are identified with your emotional states and their meaning. You see yourself as emotionally deep, and seek beauty and meaning in everything you do. You may envy others, however, and become moody, haughty or overly emotional under stress. at your best, you are emotionally self-aware, self-revealing, creative, extremely compassionate, and humane.
  • tritype wiring: 4-6-8
    • you are intuitive, inquisitive and protective. you want to be original, certain and straight-forward. you are highly sensitive and emotional. you track inconsistencies and are like the ‘canary in the coal mine,’ calling off hidden agendas, deception and ulterior motives. You are very intense and can at times be emotional and over reactive.
  • instinctual wiring: intimate
    • you obsessively think about your partner and their passionate pursuits. Most of all, you secretly worry about being found to be lacking or seen as ordinary or commonplace. you have a passion to be creative and original and long to be seen as a one of a kind. you are highly creative, original and emotionally honest, believing that everyone has the right to be who they are. you crave attention, especially from your mate. you see your mate and intimates as reflections of your individuality. you thrive on intensity and feel entitled to fully express yourself.

inner world of type 4

  • core fears:
    • your core fear of being rejected, may be expressed as fears of having no identity or personal significance, striving for individuality or chronic frustration. you may fear anything that would confirm your feelings of unworthiness, such as being made wrong, seen as defective or flawed or told that you are too sensitive or emotional. despite longing for deep connection, you fear alienating others with chronic woes or emotional reasoning. you may then fear actually opening up to others and experiencing the pain of losing again.
  • core desires:
    • to be authentic, singular, unique, and exceptional, as well as to have deep emotional connections.
  • core needs:
    • you need to be seen as artistic, gifted, and accomplished. you focus on your individuality and on carving a distinct image of yourself. you need to express your deep feelings and want others to validate your emotions. whether arranging your living space to reflect your refined tastes, or engaging in an artistic pursuit, it is essential for your sense of well-being to express your creativity.
  • core beliefs:
    • something important is missing. Knowing my uniqueness and expressing my depth is essential to finding my authentic self and meaning in life.

outer world of type 4

  • strategies: you look inward and focus on self-discovery to find meaning, as well as to understand yourself and others. You go into your emotional depths and seek happiness through beauty, suffering, and nostalgia.
  • impact of strategies: you are seen as singularly unique, and are emotionally understood and accepted for who you authentically are.
  • what's great about you: you are passionate, deep, emotionally authentic, creative, fiery, and expressive. You are a true humanitarian and offer compassion to others.
  • attention goes to: your attention goes to searching for meaning, noticing what is missing, feelings of melancholy and nostalgia, and longing for the unavailable. You appreciate the special, the humane and the beautiful. You like to put your personal signature on everything that you do. Your refined tastes make you a great critic and someone who appreciates the truly exceptional.

journey to higher self

  • spiritual path: your spiritual journey is to connect to the original source and create true meaning. Spiritual growth will come when you balance your emotional nature with temperance and equanimity. If you learn to master your powerful emotions rather than being a slave to them, you will create the life you most deeply desire.
  • journey of trasformation:
    • realizing that you don't need to be unique or even understood to be special, singular or extraordinary.
    • letting go of sad stories of tragedy and instead feeling the joy of the present moment.
    • finding beauty everywhere instead of feeling the need to find it or create it.
  • mantra: remember not to dwell on the past and instead enjoy the pleasures that can be found in each moment. Cultivating gratitude will give you the courage to move through your fear of rejection and share your talents. When you share your talents others will honor you for your original and creative contributions.


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