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everything that brings me joy this year, cuz not everyday will be a good day, and that's okay

m a r c h

  • finishing "wonder"
  • discovering that auggie's favorite song is from one of my favorite bands in the world.
  • start listening to "the magnetic fields" again.
  • floating in the sea for the first time
  • going out to a karaoke with doug, getting drunk, making friends.

f e b r u a r y

  • the shape of water.
    • the cinematography, story, soundtrack, production, sally hawkins acting.
    • "unable to perceive the shape of you, i find you all around me. your presence fills my eyes with your love, it humbles my heart, for you are everywhere.
  • summer days at the beach with mom & doug.
  • the boy who jogs in my street.
  • doug spending the holidays in my house.
    • watching silly tv shows & bad movies
    • studying
    • sleeping together
  • my english kids. even when i'm tired they brighten up my days.
  • getting a new laptop & watch.
  • playing animal crossing poket camp.
  • jout jout video: a falta que a falta faz
  • watching figure skating competitions.

j a n u a r y

  • learned how to play "wonderwall" on my guitar
  • peony yip artworks
  • getting the prettiest record player as a gift from mommy
  • spending the day at ipioca beach with mom, eve & barb
    • laughing so hard all the time
    • taking lots of pictures
    • the sea was so pretty & clean & calm
    • collecting seashells
    • driving home while we all sang "emoji of a wave" together.
  • doug sharing his trip to rio and adventures with me everyday.
    • james is the boy of my dreams! (i literally always fall in love with the ones that look and act a little psycho!)
    • alyssa is amazing & i love her style & her apathy.
    • "If it's a chain then it's free rain!"
  • johnny asking people to write him real letters.
  • maria pintanga's açaí.
  • going out with doug on a "real" date for the first time.
    • playing with his hair while we laid down together.
    • awkward kisses.
    • the freckles on his shoulders.
    • feeling weirdly confortable and easy around him.
  • the good witch's guide, that doug gave me as a present!
  • spending time at eve's with her family!
  • amanda & everyone in my work training - it's exausting but everyone is so nice and lovely.
  • thiago
  • free shop!
  • getting "the search for everything"
  • - você se vê namorando comigo? - sim, e você? - eu já me sinto.
  • doug getting all excited about polaroids.
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