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  • i wonder if there is anything good about august, at all, ever


  • brazil getting to the quarters
  • belgium turning the game against japan!
  • brazil x belgium!
  • receiving a lot of postcards!
  • m. (still and even after...)
  • PORTLANDIA!!!!!!!
    • nina & lance
    • carrie & fred
    • toni & candance
    • the mayor
  • going out with liz & lari

j u n e

  • the sense8 final episode
  • the rain, tv show.
  • started reading "s.", finally
  • talking to max! and feeling foolish fuzzy inside about him. even though i think deep down he thinks i'm a freak and have no idea why he keeps chatting with me. maybe he's just too nice.
  • writing poems
  • finding that max loves CEG too (and he actually gets the geniality of it) and telling him about my similarities to rebecca and the way he reacted, so kind, so loving... it's getting really hard hard hard for me.
  • playing the guitar
  • germany turning the game against sweden in the last minute.
  • football & the world cup
  • hereditary
    • charlie

m a r c h


  • finishing "wonder"
  • discovering that auggie's favorite song is from one of my favorite bands in the world.
  • start listening to "the magnetic fields" again.
  • floating in the sea for the first time
  • going out to a karaoke with doug, getting drunk, making friends.
  • read a lot of books (even though it were mostly short poems)
  • reading & watching (for the first time!) "the exorcist" - ain't that scary!
  • easter & chocolates.


  • didn't have enough time to watch my tv shows
  • lots of anxiety crisis, had to take xanax a few times
  • feelings of failure
  • arizona & april leaving grey's anatomy.
  • marielle's murder.
  • my messy bedroom & life.
  • feeling uncertain about my relationship.

f e b r u a r y

  • the shape of water.
    • the cinematography, story, soundtrack, production, sally hawkins acting.
    • "unable to perceive the shape of you, i find you all around me. your presence fills my eyes with your love, it humbles my heart, for you are everywhere.
  • summer days at the beach with mom & doug.
  • the boy who jogs in my street.
  • doug spending the holidays in my house.
    • watching silly tv shows & bad movies
    • studying
    • sleeping together
  • my english kids. even when i'm tired they brighten up my days.
  • getting a new laptop & watch.
  • playing animal crossing poket camp.
  • jout jout video: a falta que a falta faz
  • watching figure skating competitions.

j a n u a r y

  • learned how to play "wonderwall" on my guitar
  • peony yip artworks
  • getting the prettiest record player as a gift from mommy
  • spending the day at ipioca beach with mom, eve & barb
    • laughing so hard all the time
    • taking lots of pictures
    • the sea was so pretty & clean & calm
    • collecting seashells
    • driving home while we all sang "emoji of a wave" together.
  • doug sharing his trip to rio and adventures with me everyday.
    • james is the boy of my dreams! (i literally always fall in love with the ones that look and act a little psycho!)
    • alyssa is amazing & i love her style & her apathy.
    • "If it's a chain then it's free rain!"
  • johnny asking people to write him real letters.
  • maria pintanga's açaí.
  • the good witch's guide, that doug gave me as a present!
  • spending time at eve's with her family!
  • amanda & everyone in my work training - it's exausting but everyone is so nice and lovely.
  • thiago
  • free shop!
  • getting "the search for everything"
  • doug getting all excited about polaroids.
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