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the journey of someone who returned to swimming after ten years, at the age of 20, and realised she had forgotten how to do it and was now slightly terrified. I taught myself to doggy paddle and took it from there.

three months after beginning my lessons, after finding out I'm leaving the city for summer, my swimming teacher told me that I no longer need lessons if I don't want them, and that I just need to practice.

things I can do:

  • tread water for at least 6 minutes (self)
      • now 10 minutes
  • front crawl for a short distance (lessons)
  • breast stroke for a full length (self)
  • backstroke for multiple lengths (self)
  • dolphin kick (lessons)
  • push and glide (lessons)
  • jump in - finally! (lessons/courage)
  • sculling

things I need to do/learn:

  • complete a full length of front crawl (self)
apr 13 2017 ∞
may 8 2018 +