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  • Playing kickball in the yard of my elementary school and everyone thinking they were an allstar.
  • When my friends in elementary school formed a cheerleading group for when everyone played kickball but I was so chubby I didn't join but instead taught them the soung from Saved By The Bell when the girls formed that singing group Hot Sundae..."put your mind to it, go for it, get down and break a sweat. Rock and roll, you ain't seen nothin' yet..."
  • Being a peer mediator with Eddie Lewis (who I had a crush on) in elementary school.
  • Being a part of Safety Patrol in 5th grade and having a lot of rank over all the other kids. Plus we had pizza meetings on weekends.
  • Having my entire elementary school in a spanish commercial for Take A Bite Out Of Crime (with McGruff), and meeting a bunch of spanish celebrities and getting their autographs on our crimestoppers tshirts (I have no clue what happened to that).
  • Doing that HUGE pig community puzzle with my dad one summer when my brothers were at summer camp and framing it and hanging it on the wall. It took all summer to complete.
  • Catching that little "penny frog" while vacationing in Orlando, Florida when I was 6yrs old. And my dad told me to let it go cuz we were going in a restaurant, and if I didn't let it go I would have to eat it...I let it go in the rain...*sobs*.
  • Searching all over one Christmas Eve for my kitten Pappione and thinking he had run away only to find him fast asleep under the Christmas tree behind some presents.
  • Always getting cool stickers from all the doctors and nurses everytime I would visit my mom's job.
  • Discovering when I was 8yrs old that my mom would hide the Christmas presents in her closet and me and my brothers would try and peek and see what we got. Then one Christmas Eve I went under the tree where all the presents were and began opening all the corners of the wrapping paper on my presents looking for the hot pink of a Barbie box. I got carried away and even opened my cousin Christina's gift by mistake. I nervously tried to re-tape all the sides back up hoping my mom wouldn't find out...she never did.
  • Being a big reading nerd with a reading level 3 grades higher than my peers and always reading The Babysitter's Club, Goosebumps, Fear Street, Fudge series, and Nancy Drew (read as an adult).
  • Building forts out of sofa cushions with my brothers and seeing nothing inside but little specks of light through the courings of the cushions.
  • My dad forcing me to sit ALL night long in front of a cold plate of mashed potatoes that I despised, until I ate them all. I was there all night and they were all cold but finally I ate them, crying the whole time cuz they were disgusting. I won't touch mashed poatatoes til this day cuz of that night.
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