• 19.10.2019 i hate J. because i tried to change, so she could like me more. and she didn`t express how she was feeling. she didn`t like me, the she like him. and i bring her to our lives. that`s why i still hate myself for everything that I did. but right now, i feeling okay. the tests are coming. i know i need to keep cool. stress me out with the things that happened in the past, or with the things that can happen in the future, will not help with anything. right now i am studying with my friend A.
  • 20.10.2019 all those things that happened made me become an insecure person, an insecure woman. I thought I was bisexual, i felt attraction for women, but they wanted him. And him wanted them. would you like to know that the last guy i had sex had a giant penis? I am not gay. I made myself hate woman. I don`t want to know if your last girlfriend had giant boobs.
  • 10.2019 the amazon trip was pretty cool. In the other hand, the test i had to take there, was a shit show. never where again a clock when you have to take a test. but it`s okay i am pretty sure I`ll pass in some place next year. Next year I`ll be in college again. I don`t know if I`ll be with him. Which makes me sad. but that`s life. I love him, and that`s not gonna change. I also don`t know if we`re gonna really workout in the future. but i am really to try. Because he truly is one of the best things that ever happened in my life.
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