susie save your love, allie x, mitski • fresh laundry, allie x • lost in paradise, ali, aklo • the name of the game, abba • 誰にも言わない (darenimo iwanai), hikaru utada • when it's cold i'd like to die, moby • a sadness runs through him, the hoosiers


the visitor, iu • blue & grey, bts • dread in my heart, mother mother • absolutamente nada, fresno • pearl diver, mitski • liquid smooth, mitski • once more to see you, mitski • i want you, mitski • forevermore, hikaru utada • first thing to go, hayley williams • hyd, hayley williams • don't call me, shinee


te procuro, anavitória • beep, the pussycat dolls • diga, parte 2, fresno • i want you, mitski • dose, jade baraldo • instant crush, daft punk • lament of orpheus, darren korb • Изумруд, manizha • ghost of york, as tall as lions • lilac, iu • coin, iu


new me, wjsn • kiss kiss, shinee • CØDE, shinee • spider, hoshi • astenia, fresno • infância, fresno • area, shinee • atlantis, shinee • come on mess me up, cub sport • if i get high, nothing but thieves • honey whiskey. nothing but thieves • Кладбище самолетов, valentin strykalo • why so serious? shinee • orgel, shinee • summer moved on, a-ha


melô de ilusão, duda beat • decisão de te amar, duda beat • meu coração, duda beat • dorothy, sulli • loop, the retuses • excuse me, nothing but thieves • cry for me, twice • cinema, cix • one last kiss, hikaru utada • easy, wjsn the black • dun dun dance, oh my girl • get better, nothing but thieves • next level, aespa • 夕凪, hikaru utada • break, kero kero bonito • sleepy, tei shi • shine on you, onew • here i am, taeyeon • love poem, iu


black sheep, brie larson version • nobody's home, avril lavigne • it's alright, it's ok, ashley tisdale • anti-romantic, txt • venus fly trap, marina • funeral, phoebe bridgers • dead, again, jadu heart


jealousy, jealousy, olivia rodrigo • me and my husband, mitski • fear of the water, syml • is there anybody here? the dear hunter • lipstick, willow • don't save me, willow • naïve, willow • because dreaming costs money, my dear, mitski • ultra som, pabllo vittar • 4ever, willow • my body's made of crushed little stars, mitski • la paura del buio, måneskin • for your love, måneskin


come into the water, mitski • ddd, exid • i love you, exid • i will, mitski • it's always sunny with you, {parentheses} • is there anybody here?, the dear hunter • fear of the water, syml • my heart, paramore • pool, paramore • afterlife, nothing but thieves • loop, the retuses • holiday party, weeekly • geyser, mitski • find me here, hayley williams


vênus em escorpião, gaby amarantos • amiúde, marina sena • arreda, gaby amarantos • stfu!, rina sawayama • fun tonight (pabllo vittar remix), lady gaga • not friends, loona • me toca, marina sena • good ones, charli xcx • just a lover, hayley williams • asystole, hayley williams • pure love, hayley williams • caught in the middle, paramore • come inside of my heart, iv of spades • bawat kaluluwa, iv of spades • fireworks, mitski • what's wrong, pvris


helium, key • swipe, itzy • working for the knife, mitski • eighteen (end of my world), key • not gonna get us, t.a.t.u. • the feels, twice • epilogue, iu • lilac, iu • wine, taeyeon • spark, taeyeon • here i am, taeyeon • lol, taeyeon • weekend, taeyeon • savage, aespa • aenergy, aespa • lucid dream, aespa • iconic, aespa • like a fire, shinee

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