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    • shamrock shake oreo mcflurry ♡ ┊ mall, chipotle, boba, pokemon go, and game night w/ josh, doc, and jackson! <3 + josh gave me the cutest bee plushie on earth! :3 ┊ lots and lots of anxiety as of the past few days… ┊ went out with josh, doc, and jackson again! i also tried alligator for the first time! it’s very good :) ┊ i have such a hopeful feeling today <3 ┊ i only slept 3 hours last nighttt, ughhh ┊ terrible allergy day ;-; ┊ planning a beach trip with the squad! ^-^ ┊ had two nice hangs with the boys this week <3 ┊ sigh... it's back... >.< ┊ four-way calls with the boys always improve my mood ♡ ┊ went and ate mexican food with josh, doc, and jackson + we went to the park tonight and played basketball & pokemon go! ^ᴗ^

༊ * · ˚ ⠀ f e b r u a r y !

    • vanilla iced coffee, my beloved ‹з ┊ josh, doc, jackson, and i went to the mall and got chipotle! + WTF JOSH ┊ ahhh, pay day!!! :') ┊ really thought i was over the worst of this stuff!!! ┊ NEW PHONE AHHH!!! <33 ┊ lots of group calls with the boys ^-^ ┊ i hope i made the right decision... ┊ i totally didn’t slip on the lane whilst trying to roll my bowling ball and fall flat on my ass in front of a packed bowling alley... 🥴 ┊ applied for a job at this daycare by my house; fingers crossed!!! ┊ game night with josh, doc, and jackson! ^-^ ┊ i wish i wasn't such a perfectionisttt, ughhh. it gets so annoying. ┊ skz lyrics are so incredible, gahhh ♡ ┊ pokémon go with jackson + dance workouts with josh and doc + mexican food with the squad! ┊ doc’s birthday! ♡ ┊ josh is showing off his complete and utter buffoonery -.- ┊ i applied for a position in the children's section at the library... it would be such a dream job!
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