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giovanna (gio/anna): 20, intj, she/her. (pt-br/eng)

"her soul belongs to words and books. everytime she reads, she is home."

♡ coffee, music, rain, cats, winter, books, brooklyn 99, slow songs, looking at the moon and the stars, feminism, haylor, movies, art, greek mythology, conspiracy theories, astronomy, sitcoms, marvel, disney, comic books, travels, long talks, warm hugs, 8-bitfiction, laughing at dumb stuff and the color blue.

sep 14 2017 ∞
may 29 2019 +
user picture alba: from where do you get all your images with the white background?? + love your acc!! apr 19 2019
user picture anna: we heart it apr 20 2019
user picture giovanna: a gente tem o mesmo nome e nunca pensei que uma opção de apelido poderia ser "anna" hauahauah jul 30 2019