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"her soul belongs to words and books. everytime she reads, she is home."

  • giovanna (gio/anna), 1998
  • she/her
  • intj-t
  • bisexual
  • pt-br/eng

♡ coffee, cats, music, rain, taylor swift, winter, books, brooklyn 99, slow songs, looking at the moon and the stars, feminism, haylor, movies, art, greek mythology, conspiracy theories, astronomy, sitcoms, marvel, disney, comic books, travels, long talks, warm hugs, 8-bitfiction, laughing at dumb stuff and the color blue.

sep 14 2017 ∞
jan 17 2020 +
user picture alba: from where do you get all your images with the white background?? + love your acc!! apr 19 2019
user picture anna: we heart it apr 20 2019
user picture giovanna: a gente tem o mesmo nome e nunca pensei que uma opção de apelido poderia ser "anna" hauahauah jul 30 2019
user picture anna: eu acho anna LINDO demais e prefiro haha sep 9 2019