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for info about all of the oceantae system members and some semi-relevant junk; you can also find this info here

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System Nebulous Malakai/Kai (sunflower)
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we are the oceantae system! in order of approximate discovery, here are the members:


  • 5-5-19 a Jade and Rose have joined while Kar is sad and decide to stay
  • 8-1-19 a Star Butterfly has joined system for fun, non-trauma reason
  • 10-13-19 a new Rose Lalonde has joined system, seemingly drawn by talk of people within our system crushing on Rose Lalonde
  • 11-2-19, possibly forming since 2016, a Jane solidified, likely to help with stress/depression
  • 11-11-19 an Aradia has very suddenly appeared seemingly in response to us looking at a nail polish (Zoya Pepper) reminiscent of her blood colour. there is the liklihood that she was drawn in by the frequent current stresses. Her upbeat attitude and death positivity make a fitting match.
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