• thirty one / selected to be peer mentor; allie thanked me for all my hard work with RSVP


  • one / ran for 26 minutes straight!; drove home for labor day; dinner with my family; reunited with pets
  • five / ran for 27 minutes straight!!; reese's cups; lost 2.4 pounds!
  • six / met nice guy interested in RSVP peer education; mentee reveal
  • seven / the weather was gorgeous; ran for 28 minutes straight
  • eight / beautiful weather; gorgeous man sat next to me on bus; guide dog puppy on elevator; new guide dog puppy in class; movie with hall mates
  • nine / ran for 29 minutes straight; beautiful weather; alyssa and I tried new restaurant
  • ten / slept in for once; classes canceled!
  • eleven / watched Harry Potter; lazy day
  • twelve / free pizza
  • thirteen / kinda slept in; student panel; saw Melissa's apartment
  • fourteen / completed Couch to 5K!!!; Roll Out the Red Carpet went well!
  • fifteen / it's Friday???
  • sixteen / good run!
  • seventeen / pigs in a blanket were successful
  • eighteen / new advisor is cool
  • nineteen / peers thought my paper intro & thesis was really good; increased my pace and distance today
  • twenty one / best distance yet; fun bowling with Nadia, Alyssa, & Eldana; free ChickfilA
  • twenty two / 9 am was canceled
  • twenty three / good ass game day
  • twenty four / went to The Grit with hallmates
  • twenty seven / prof said my essay was excellent and fun
  • twenty eight / finally down 20 pounds!!


  • eleventh / got scholarship for study abroad!!!! I'm going to South Africa this summer!
  • twenty third / did really well on Arabic quiz; got extension on literature review


  • sixth / 100% on Arabic exam!
  • tenth / I got asked out on a date??! sorta?; lunch with Manashi
  • eleventh / dinner with Patrick was really, really nice - I think I really like him
  • fourteenth / Patrick said he really likes me, wants to get to know me better... trying not to be giddy
sep 1 2017 ∞
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