another evening spent in the corners of my brain, where i wander off into the dark; i close my eyes and hope the wolves won't follow me, but hope's hard of hearing, so i'm waiting for the teeth

  • hard of hearing | radical face

arms were rivers through sinuous hills

  • reclaim | ólafur arnalds ft. arnór dan

as if it knows who you are, it's changing shape in the dark

  • metropolis | wintersleep

both hands, please use both hands, oh, no, don't close your eyes; i am writing graffiti on your body, i am drawing the story of how hard we tried

  • both hands | ani difranco

dehydrated back into minerals, a lifelong walk to the same exact spot; carbon's anniversary, the parting of the sensory

  • parting of the sensory | modest mouse

distance and space allow emotions to age into faith; our bodies may end up alone, but close

  • waking up | 10 years

from a black widow's reckoning, your fortuitous spine opened up like a marionette, danced a whimsical pride

  • asido | purity ring

grandmother, the water is rising, my boundless hair has gotten green; i'll be your swimming forest island, bid you walk safely, safely over me

  • belispeak | purity ring

i am a road, i wind along alone, all day until the coast

  • season poem | gregory and the hawk

i don't wanna lose my pride but i'm'a fuck me up a bitch

  • hold up | beyoncé

if curiosity kills cats, we better teach the cat to fight back

  • a loophole in limbo | fair to midland

i found no people for killing time, so i found time for killing people

  • time for people | atomship

if you believe in this world, then no one has died in vain, but don't you dare get to the top and not know what to do

  • 11th dimension | julian casablancas

i had to learn that the helping hand can be the same that holds the knife; no, i'm not well, but i'm alright

  • hard of hearing | radical face

i'm on a bus, on a psychedelic trip, reading murder books, tryin' to stay hip; thinkin' of you and you're out there, so, say your prayers

  • eyes without a face | billy idol

into a bright-bound, sea-surrounded fury our bodies will return

  • saltkin | purity ring

i've seen what you have made in all it's beauty; what i cannot create, i recognize

  • cities of night | blaqk audio

jump from the hook, you're not obliged to swallow anything you despise; you see those unrepenting buzzards want your life and they've got no right

  • sleeping lessons (rac mix) | the shins

just 'cause you feel it, doesn't mean it's there

  • there, there | radiohead

my friends, my habits, my family, they mean so much to me, i just don't think that it's right; i've seen so many ships sail in, just to head back out again and go off sinking

  • one chance | modest mouse

my thoughts are the cold kind, i got storm clouds that are brewing behind my eyes; and my heart will be blacker than your eyes when i’m through with you

  • black eyes | radical face

oh, and i laugh all the way to hell, saying "yes, this is a fine promotion"

  • missed the boat | modest mouse

oh god, i think i'm dead, i can't see outside my head-- brains and bloods and cryptic gang men, czars and warlords breaking bread. thoughts are thought, what's said is said-- i thought that 'fore you said it. i didn't mean to think out loud, my tongue slipped, but who let it? let it be, let me be, let me go, no, let me out-- my manhood nods and whispers when my father screams and shouts; dear dad, i'm sad you're dead, a new man standing at the pulpit; he bows before a wooden cross and forces praise the culprit. i'm a tenor in the choir but i sing a different song, of how the where's and why's of now all prove i don't belong, but i'm staying, i've planted seeds and plan to watch them grow, i've watered all my wishes, dreams fulfilled, more seeds to sow; and i promise to learn to love the way i've learned to fear, to unknot all the inhibitions tangled in my hair, to let my ego mound in piles around the barber chair and make a graceful exit from my vexed and troubled years. i've decided i've been invited to my own resort where knights can leave their armor neatly piled by the door and every woman, child, and man will gather by the shore and study how sea lions swim in cursive

  • sea lion | sage francis ft. saul williams

peace comes at dawn, but yours comes at night, riding your bicycle into the light; ride like a maniac into the light

  • peacefall | purity ring

somebody's watchin', maybe you want 'em to see you, but with your regrets and secrets, you don't really want them to be you. well, you can make believe i'm blind, and for now i'll be just fine, but when the child grows up to have more than just your eyes, don't be surprised

  • surprise | gnarls barkley

strayed above the highway aisle, jagged vacance thick with ice, but i could see for miles, miles, miles

  • holocene | bon iver

the desert heat left us all in the dark, buried the sun, so i carried the torch; head over heels with eyes on the prize, i settled for less and it's more than enough, just say 'when'

  • say when | fair to midland

there's an officer, a senator, a digger and a sewer, a beggar and a thief; we all sit at different tables, but they drink the same poison as me

  • who do you think you are? | brett dennan

the sound of longing pouring out your mouth, we're drowning

  • femia | purity ring

the space heater's glowing like a miniature gate to hell

  • wandering | radical face

they tell me i can't get in 'cause there's just no more room, but they lie, they look me in the eye, a difficult goodbye to all the things we hide

  • heatstroke | brick + mortar

to get a word from the wise would be a welcome surprise

  • tall tales taste like sour grapes | fair to midland

we don't need to know the way home to see where we should go, we don't need to know the answers to ask why the truth hurts, we don't need to see the stars shine to know that it's gonna be our time, we don't need to feel love's touch to know that it's with us

  • road trip to oblivion | bentley jones

well, jesus christ, i'm alone again, so what did you do those three days you were dead? 'cause this problem's gonna last more than the weekend

  • jesus christ | brand new

you so fuckin' precious when you smile

  • mine | bazzi
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