and i will not grow tired of crayon stars and fire, the sunlight has punctured tiny holes of life; i closed my eyes, i held my breath, i prayed for light and gasped for oxygen, it wasn't there; i couldn't see, i prayed for light to scare the shadow out of me, i couldn't sleep

  • insomnia | wintersleep

bones, sinking like stones, all that we fought for; homes, places we've grown, all of us are done for; and we live in a beautiful world, yeah, we do; oh, all that i know, there's nothing here to run from 'cause, yeah, everybody here's got somebody to lean on

  • don't panic | coldplay

come out upon my seas, cursed missed opportunities, am i a part of the cure or am i part of the disease?

  • clocks | coldplay

death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit

  • heavydirtysoul | twenty one pilots

get the car alive, tell me if we're getting lost; we can drive all night, spell our names in the deep frost; under the surprise light, take photographs of second thoughts

  • rapture | wintersleep

heaven's not enough if, when i'm there, i don't remember you

  • heaven's not enough | steve conte

i'm always tired, but never of you

  • i hate u, i love u gnash ft. olivia o'brien

i'm not evil to the core, what i shouldn't do, i will fight; i know i'm emotional, what i want to save, i will try; i know who i truly am, i truly do have a chance; tomorrow i'll switch the beat to avoid yesterday's dance

  • fairly local | twenty one pilots

i'm so much older than i can take, and my affection, well, it comes and goes

  • all these things that i've done | the killers

in softest air, a stutter steers the heart away from the bane, leaves the lasting sorrow and carries me anew

  • a stutter | ólafur arnalds ft. arnor dán

i took my love down to violet hill, there we sat in the snow, all that time she was silent still; so, if you love me, won't you let me know?

  • violet hill | coldplay

it takes a long time, but god dies too, but not before he'll stick it to you

  • i came as a rat | modest mouse

i used to say i wanna die before i'm old, but, because of you, i might think twice

  • tear in my heart | twenty one pilots

i've got enough wood and nails here i've collected through the years to build a few sturdy walls to keep us safe from all my fears

  • love is life | strata

life goes on, it gets so heavy, the wheel breaks the butterfly; every tear a waterfall

  • paradise | coldplay

my song is love, love to the loveless shown, and it goes on-- you don't have to be alone; your heavy heart is made of stone and it's so hard to see you clearly; you don't have to be on your own; and i'm not gonna take it back, and i'm not gonna say "i don't mean that", you're the target that i'm aiming at, can i get that message home?

  • a message | coldplay

oh, the madness in weakness doubled o'er on the plate; fill an ocean with weaponry, hurricanes of our grace feel as lonely as i do

  • asido | purity ring

pay my respects to grace and virtue, send my condolences to good, give my regards to soul and romance, they always did the best they could; and so long to devotion, you taught me everything i know; wave goodbye, wish me well, you've gotta let me go

  • human | the killers

sing a song, a song of life, lived without regret; tell the ones, the ones i loved, i never will forget

  • in noctem | nicholas hooper

sometimes i feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear, and i can't help but ask myself how much i let the fear take the wheel and steer; it's driven me before and it seems to have a vague haunting mass appeal, but lately i'm beginning to find that i should be the one behind the wheel

  • drive | incubus

take me away from this foolish grief, baby, wake me once you know our home and that's where we'll stay

  • undertow | passion pit

there's a million, billion, trillion stars, but i'm down here low fussing over scars on my soul, i am so infinitesimal

  • infinitesimal | mother mother

the songs on the radio are okay, but my taste in music is your face

  • tear in my heart | twenty one pilots

they say, "do you need me? do you think i'm pretty? do i make you feel like cheating?" i'm like "no, not really"

  • cheerleader | omi

they say the devil's water, it ain't so sweet; you don't have to drink right now, but you can dip your feet in every once and a little while

  • when you were young | the killers

three lights are lit, but the fourth one's out, i can tell cause it's a bit darker than the last night's bout; i forgot about the drought of light bulbs in this house so i head out down a route i think is heading south; but i'm not good with directions and i hide behind my mouth, i'm a pro at imperfections and i'm best friends with my doubt, and now that my mind's out and now i hear it clear and loud, i'm thinking, "wow, i probably should've stayed inside my house"

  • the judge | twenty one pilots

when everything's made to be broken, i just want you to know who i am

  • iris | the goo goo dolls

who do you belong to? if it's not me, is it even you?

  • santa fe | wintersleep

you know that i was hoping that i could leave this star-crossed world behind, but when they cut me open, i guess i changed my mind

  • spaceman | the killers
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