• beverage | pc peach mango sparkling water
  • beverage | pineapple bubly
  • events | practically emptied our bank account to stock up on food for the winter by purchasing 9 jars of pasta sauce, 10 boxes of cereal, 3 cans of cashews, 3 bags of milk, 3 bags of shredded cheese, 3 boxes of sparkling water, 6 boxes of soda, 4 packages of tortellini, 4 boxes of pasta noodles, 4 sticks of butter, 2 packages of cookies, 7 cans of soup, 3 bags of french fries, 12 full-sized bags of chips, and several other things over the course of the past week. if we ever need anything but produce again in our ENTIRE human lives i'm gonna be mad
  • events | had a really tasty turkey-ham dinner with spouse for yule!!
  • events | had a little cookie-candy charcuterie board with spouse for christmas, mostly peaceful except the upstairs neighbours going apeshit and partying until 5am making me lose my got dam mind
  • events | enjoyed new year's eve to the greatest extent possible given ive started rearranging the room so everything is all over the place and i had to message the neighbours at 3am to stop scream-singing and wolf whistling at that hour because there are, in fact, some people who still have to go to work the day following a holiday that's still another holiday
  • events | the landlord sent us some SUPER nice rugs to cover our deteriorating floor, they're comfy af and actually better than the OG floor, we love them
  • health | ordered a knock off elliptical from amazon, should get here first week of january, lets hope it works because if it does its all over for everyone, i fucking LOVE ellipticals and im never getting off that bad boy
  • food | fish tacos
  • food | honey mustard
  • food | tortellini
  • music | i finally got around to listening to troye sivan's newest album and im crazy disappointed, i only genuinely liked one song when i like 9 out of 10 songs on his last album... this album has the weirdest energy to me??? the vibes were not good... so bummed
  • on repeat | purity ring's entire discography
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