► don't follow me if

  • you fall under any of the normal dfi things, y'know...
  • you'll refuse to use my chosen name or my preferred pronouns, will invalidate my identity in any way, or any of that generally icky stuff

-- below is a list of things i need tagged, along with some important info i'd like people to read

► blacklist

> tl;dr -- absolutely please tag insects, clowns, tag natural disasters if you can. catch all is 'chancey don't look'. also, i blacklist reylo and hisoka from hxh, please tag them.

> i can tag smthn if you need me to, just ask!


  • if you can't tag all of these individually, please use the tag 'chancey don't look /' as a catch-all


(* = most important)

  • bugs/insects ***
      • please tag both visuals and mentions
    • i blacklist 'bugs', 'insects', 'bugs /', 'insects /', 'bugs cw', and 'insects cw'
  • clowns *
      • please tag visuals
    • i blacklist 'clowns', 'clowns /', and 'clowns cw'
  • natural disasters
      • this isn't necessary because it's not a direct trigger, but i'd appreciate it just because it makes me super anxious
    • i blacklist 'natural disasters' and 'natural disasters /'


  • these aren't necessary but i'd really, really appreciate it if you tagged them even though they're not triggers. it's as simple as just tagging posts with what they contain. sorry if this is an inconvenience
    • reylo (rey x kylo) (from star wars) ***
    • hisoka (from hunter x hunter) ***


  • if you need me to tag anything, just send me a dm or an ask message or smthn!

► tag me in

    • if you can, please try to tag me in these things

> tl;dr -- you can tag me in any of the things in these lists: favs / + current intersts / + biases

  • things that generally remind you of me
  • my fav people: osric chau, helena bonham carter, justin timberlake, and my biases
  • my fav characters/ships: kevin tran, gustavo fring, badger. marla singer, rose tyler, obi wan kenobi, sevin, tenrose, gus/max, etc
  • my fav movies: fight club, battle royale, star wars, harry potter, forrest gump, etc
  • my fav books/authors: edgar allan poe, tsoa, etc
  • my fav shows: stranger things, oitnb, iasip, supernatural, doctor who, etc
  • cats and dachshunds
  • pretty things: colors/gradients/palettes (specifically warmer colors), photography, fashion/makeup, etc
  • slime + stimmy stuff
  • other stuff, idk! just tag me in my fav things, what reminds you of me, or whatever if you can/want to!

► if you follow

> tl;dr: i'm not consistantly online. also, please tell me when i've done something wrong, especially if you're going to softblock.

  • please try to tell me before you softblock/block/unfollow so i can try to fix whatever it is that i did wrong and so i can avoid doing it in the future
  • if you can, please try to send me things when i reblog or post ask games!!!
  • know that i don't currently have any kintypes or ids, and i don't know if i ever will, but i accept and befriend people that do as long as they're not identifying offensively
  • keep in mind that i have diaganosed and suspected undiagnosed comorbid mental illnesses. i don't try to use these as an excuse, but i ask that you keep them in mind when interacting with me!
  • understand that i try to be as active as possible on both tumblr and twitter but i have inconsistant internet at home and have to conserve my cellular data sometimes

please read my about me

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