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general tips

  • make sure your study area is clean and uncluttered. nothing is more off-putting than working in messy conditions.
  • plan motivational activities to inspire you to finish your work, such as meeting up with friends, going out for dinner, watching your favourite tv series/film and so on.
  • customise your notes for your own learning - type them out and colour code them.
  • take a short break every so often (maybe 20 minutes or so) so you don't crash and burn. in your break time you could: have a snack and drink, exercise, watch a youtube video or anything else you enjoy.
  • always re-read your notes so they stick in your brain!
  • turn off your electronics to minimise distraction. it may be hard to do, but it's totally worth it. even better, remove them from the room you are studying in.
  • if you're allowed to, invite friends over after school to have study sessions with. you could also study together at school or at a library.
  • even if tasks are due a while away, make a head start on them so you are not left with heaps to do at the last minute.
  • try and go to bed early, say between 9-11pm. if you have trouble calming down, have a hot shower or bath, drink some tea or hot chocolate, read a book or meditate.
  • if you have a school laptop and are allowed to do this, download spotify and listen to music while you work. just don't let it distract you!
  • be nice to teachers. if you act up in class, the less likely they are to like you, which in turn makes school a less enjoyable experience.
  • do the hardest stuff first. it may not seem very appealing, but you will be so glad to have it done.
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