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that I would like to do, if I have all the time in the world plus total freedom (plus money)

  • Learn a specific sport/martial arts (i.e. Wushu)
  • Enroll in a sign language class
  • Study Japanese and Chinese intensively so I can be fluent
  • Read books most of the time
  • Do art stuffs every now and then. Explore different art materials one at a time and master how to use them.
  • Get to travel to different countries and buy lots of stuffs
  • Raise my own pet. Prolly a cat or turtle or a fluffy dog
  • Be with my guitaro forever, and we'll sing songs and be happy.
  • Eat samgyupsal and drink soju on rooftop with a close friend
  • Learn and play a musical instrument like a pro
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jul 9 2015 +
user picture Anon: Would love for you to achieve these things! nov 29 2013