• how can a person get attached with someone who is emotionally and personally distant?
  • is marriage really for companionship's sake? how can two people be with each other forever without even a slight decrease in feelings? (i have asked myself that before, it's a forever question)
  • how can others play with somebody and not get any (even a tiny amount of) feelings involved?
  • when you avoid certain situations yet it comes running after you and you can never escape from it- is this kind of inevitability called 'fate'?
jan 25 2015 ∞
jan 26 2015 +
user picture Anon: I'm too idealistic to settle for a marriage that would only be for companionship's sake. I'd rather it have passion and romance present. ~.~ These are really intriguing points. Really glad you're still around Miku. I find it really special/comforting that we've known each other for so long and we're still like this having a lot of similar introverted thoughts. Aah, your message really touched me~ I sincerely hope you're doing great wherever you are right now too. So much time has passed for us. Everything's still getting more complicated I know. Hope we stay updated even through this. :) mar 13 2015