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  • People will die, if not because of accidents, then it's because of health problems. Is almost everything good in this planet harmful to our systems? This is kind of creepy, thinking about the ways of death and how it will eat you and suck your bones until you'll die in pain. Do other people think that "One day, surely I'll die if not in a painful and depressing manner, then it would be tragic but I won't feel the pain because I'll be dead in a matter of seconds."?--Because I do, and I feel horrible about this.
  • How do people resist the urge of overthinking? Overthinking itself is inevitable for me. I can't help but think a lot and I know this will kill me gradually but it seems that this is out of my control.
  • How is it possible not to get tired of people you currently like? How could you always not get bored with each other's company even for years? Is there a secret in having an almost perfect relationship? How can love not fade with time? Does it depend only on the people involved or is it fate or luck?
  • I don't understand why it is hard for me to be pretentious when it comes to my feelings. I am a very transparent person and it's really hard to show that everything is okay even if it is not. I can't also pretend that I like the person I hate. I can't also say nice things to people I don't like. I wonder how people could be so "plastic" in front of everybody. They are professionals when it comes to these things and I just can't do it in a much higher degree. Is there something wrong with how honest I am to everyone around me?
  • I continuously feel stupid. I am having problems with memorizing and following instructions, even understanding things. Is it because I do not like what I am doing, thus I do not pay so much attention or I am having difficulty in processing people's words?
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user picture ftamago: I also wonder how not to get bored with people I am with. I think asking your parents, as they have been married for years I suppose, will answer your worries. jan 3 2013
user picture nivszzz: Me too. jan 15 2013
user picture Anon: Let's go to Japan and meet a nihonjin. Maybe we'll never get tired. I'm kidding. I myself wonder... There's really a lot to think about in making commitments isn't there? -.- feb 9 2013