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  • Looks doesn't matter too much
  • Mature but also child-like in some ways
  • Someone who can really take good care of me
  • Treats me as an imouto and best friend
  • Very thoughtful- both in words and actions
    • doing/giving small things to make me smile
  • Knows how to handle situations whenever I am very emotional and depressive (because I know it is challenging)
  • Understands me no matter how unreasonable and childish I am
  • Still loves me despite of my weaknesses (i.e. jealousy, full of loathe)
  • Accepts my weirdness and tells me how much he likes it
  • Someone who would never cheat on me/like other girls
    • Never flirty with others
  • Will tell me how much I am enough including all that I can do for him
  • Will remind me if I did something wrong and would correct me in a very nice and loving manner
  • Someone who would tell me sincerely how much he adores me physically (and all other aspects)
  • Would always be there as much as possible, when I need him so much (esp dark days)
  • Would give me some nice and sweet sms to make me feel loved when he is away
    • or better call me
  • Supports my passion in art and music
  • Knows how to do chores. Not a lazy one-- (because I am already lazy)
  • Optimistic but still realistic in giving advices
  • Someone who would be really open including his deepest secrets
  • Would tell me his feelings straight and sincere
  • Honest
  • Never harsh with words (and actions)
  • Never feels embarassed to cry in front of me/ show me his weaknesses
  • Willing to give his time even with his busy sched
  • Constant communication whenever, wherever, in all sorts of form
    • I am clingy
  • Would be proud of me, as his partner
  • Will look forward in living his life with me forever
  • Will never make me feel that I am a bother

I may be a little too idealistic, but I hope that there is a huge possibility that you exist.

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