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when you fall in the deepest shit called love -

  • always remember:
    • he might not love you as much as you will love him
    • he won't give you "everything" as much as you plan to give him your "everything"
    • one day, he might fall out of love
    • and you too, can fall out of love and find all of your stupidity the most disgusting thing ever


so you should ⇣

  • try not to:
    • dedicate a letter for him
    • write wonderful thoughts about him (diary is the only exception)
    • think he rules your world and he is the center of everything because he is not; and you are definitely NOT the center of his universe either!
    • get jealous too much- it's not worth the emotional effort, i swear
    • think of marrying him, cause most probably he won't think of these things too- you might get hurt thinking of one-sided long-term plans
  • never give:
    • your most valuable items - you might just regret it again
    • the most expensive items - are you sure he's worth it? maybe not


Keep this in mind, and don't be stupid- again


If you realize he is worth it after 6-12months, then by all means, do the opposite.

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