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  • hyperventilating
  • cradling my head in my hands
  • holding my stomach like I'm falling to pieces
  • half smiles framing words like 'I'm fine' and 'maybe we could do this later'
  • screaming, bawling, and other degrading public displays
  • drinking two-liters of mountain dew
  • not eating
  • not sleeping
  • not talking
  • not paying attention to you, class, or even living
  • not wanting to get out of bed
  • using the word never repeatedly in conjunction to the future
  • singing myself to sleep through my sobs
  • lying in a ball on the floor for hours
  • seeming generally distressed and inconsolable for days
  • a perpetual migraine (which is rather redundant)
  • getting sick to my stomach
  • talking aloud to people who don't exist
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