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  • Be yourself
  • Engage me in soul-baring, thought-provoking conversation or silly, lighthearted banter
  • Spend time with me
  • Really, truly listen when I speak; make me the center of your world for a while
  • Encourage me to come out of my shell; ask me direct/personal questions
  • Accept me as I am
  • Give me a hug or squeeze my hand when I'm tense
  • Hold my gaze & smile at me
  • Trust me not to hurt you, and immediately tell me if I do
  • Tell me about your dreams and hopes
  • Show me who you really are, stripped of all pretensions and fears
  • Talk to me about things that interest you
  • Pay me a sincere compliment
  • Write me a meaningful letter
  • Be trustworthy
  • Express concern for my feelings
  • Reassure me
  • Surprise me with a thoughtful gesture
  • Take me somewhere special/peaceful
  • Be visibly glad to see me
  • Miss me when I'm not around
  • Protect me without being possessive
  • If I mean something to you, let me know

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