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  • his vivid, thoughtful green eyes
  • the way his ears move like antennae when he's trying to listen intently
  • the way he sometimes loses his balance when grooming himself and nearly tips over
  • how he sits like a puffy little duck when he's cold
  • how he vigorously rubs his face against mine to 'kiss' me
  • how he often curls one paw (or both) when sitting
  • how he sits quietly in front of a closed door for hours, just waiting for it to open
  • how he sits huddled in the flower pot outside when waiting for us to let him in
  • how simple things like a laser pointer, rug, or peanut can bring him hours of amusement
  • the whininess of his meows when he gets drenched in the rain
  • how he looks 2x smaller when wet
  • the way he insists on checking the backyard when he discovers that it's raining out front, never believing it could be raining both places
  • how he insists on drinking water out of human glasses
  • how he sometimes covers his face with his arms/paws when sleeping
  • how he lets me shake his paw and do silly things with him
  • how he lets me kiss him dozens of times in a row without ever complaining
  • how he shuts his eyes and sits perfectly still when i press my forehead against his
  • how he sleeps with his body perfectly curled up, face buried
  • the way he sometimes starts purring as soon as i pick him up and hold him close
  • his obsession with soft blankets & the way he kneads them with his paws while purring like an engine
  • the way he pats a door open with his paw
  • when he chooses me over all other places to sleep
  • the way he follows me around like a lost lamb
  • his curiosity/suspicion about seemingly everything
  • the time he tried to take on a dog twice his size for being too close to our lawn
  • how he stupidly leaves 'trophies' from the victims of his carnage at the front door to make us proud
  • that he efficiently gets rid of mice & lizards
  • that in many respects, he's my best friend <3

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