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Going out for a walk before sunset, getting drenched by a sudden cloudburst. Slipping outside at 5 am during a raging storm, exhilaration coursing through my body as the wind's rough, unruly hands played with my hair. Absent-mindedly pursuing the sunset and watching dreamily as it drifted to sleep between the mountains. Strolling by the neighborhood pond and getting followed by a friendly little duck who mistook me for its mother. Cradling my sick niece as she pressed her cheek against my shoulder and looked up at me with soft eyes full of trust. Falling asleep surrounded by a surfeit of books too exciting to choose between. Getting lost on my way to the park on a daily basis, secretly enjoying my lostness too much to ask for directions. Curling up on the sofa, eating ramen, and watching Archive81 with my mom. Rushing to climb a tree at my father's behest; jumping off hard enough to fly. Lying beneath the stars in Payson on my brother's car, feeling nearly infinite. Decorating for my niece's first birthday & feeling the ache of satisfaction all over my body as i perfected the final touches; her look of pure wonder and delight as she took it all in. Watching my favorite small human transform before my eyes. Witnessing her first steps on Valentine's Day (toward me!). Reconnecting with an old friend; spending hours baring our souls in a crowded restaurant where everyone else disappeared as our conversation deepened. Hiking up the side of a mountain to watch the sun set together. A radiant afternoon when beams of golden light cut through the clouds, bathing the earth in an angelic glow. Marveling at the vividness of Jupiter and Venus on a cold, clear night. Cutting through the noise and knowing myself again, as surely as the moon knows the night that holds her.

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