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  • being missed
  • being loved
  • being understood
  • being appreciated
  • the feeling of watching the sun rise in the morning and being totally awash in possibility
  • being fascinated/intrigued/curious & having free reign to indulge my curiosity
  • feeling irreplaceable
  • the nervous excitement that precedes a new experience
  • the thrill of bantering with someone who can keep up with me and make me laugh
  • being adored by someone who sees more beauty in me than i see in myself
  • the sense of absolute calm and ease that comes from being around someone with a genuinely good heart
  • the pleasure of engaging in a mentally stimulating discussion that deepens my appreciation of a subject
  • the soft, childlike bliss of time spent with my closest friends
  • the pure, unbridled ecstasy of taking in a thought-provoking set of words or a captivating work of art/tv/film
  • feeling sublimely small in the grand scheme of things & being reassured by that sense of smallness; knowing that there's time to find my way & all is not lost if i stumble
  • the unspeakable tranquility of reading Qur'an & duas outside before dawn, when the sky is dark, the air has a slight chill to it, and i feel perfectly alone with God
  • the all-encompassing peace that comes from small, secret acts of goodness
  • being truly seen & listened to
  • the feeling of confidence & inner trust that comes from being in alignment with my goals & beliefs
  • feeling internally fulfilled & satisfied
  • feeling deeply happy in immaterial ways
  • spiritual, intellectual, & creative freedom

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