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  • When his smile reaches his eyes and makes them warmer/softer
  • A well-groomed beard
  • Shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows
  • Slightly muscular arms


  • When he has a deep love of God and the Ahlulbayt (as)
  • When he treats the people around him with kindness and respect
  • When he talks about something he's passionate about and his eyes light up, his facial expressions become more animated, and I can almost taste his enthusiasm
  • When he has the kind of masculinity that feels safe and reassuring, rather than threatening or aggressive
  • When his personality, hobbies, and interests are different from me so there's opportunity to learn from and explore each other
  • When he knows he's good enough for me & doesn't question it
  • When he's honest about his past mistakes and understands that I'd never judge him
  • When he tries his best to understand me, even if I don't make perfect sense to him
  • When he's confident, straightforward, and sincere in his approach to a conversation
  • When he's a gentleman
  • When he's clear and honest about his feelings for me
  • When he asks me direct questions so I can be honest about my feelings for him
  • When he's good with kids
  • When he subconsciously gets tender/sweeter when talking about his mother, family, or his love of kids
  • When he enjoys physical activity, working out, sports, etc
  • When he teaches me something I didn't already know, no matter the subject/area
  • When he offers to teach me something in the future
  • When he seems genuinely interested in what I have to say and remembers things later
  • When he doesn't define his value as a person by his job or income
  • When he has a strong connection to his culture and family values
  • When he has a witty, playful sense of humor
  • When he laughs at my cheesy jokes and I vibe with his
  • When he has a wide variety of interests or a cool mix of hobbies, no matter how different from mine
  • When he's patient and allows me to open up at my own pace
  • When he doesn't expect me to tell him exactly who I am right away, and lets me gradually come out of my shell instead
  • When he accepts my flaws/shortcomings and doesn't hold them against me
  • When he doesn't get scared off by how different I am
  • When he asks specific questions and allows me to explain my answers if he doesn't understand
  • When he talks about his fears, insecurities, or pain and lets me reassure him
  • When he seems in sync with my needs and is honest about his
  • When he isn't afraid to take initiative


  • If he views others as beneath him
  • If he pretends to be something he's not
  • If he's overly controlling or possessive
  • A lack of religious practice
  • A lack of passion
  • A lack of trust
  • A lack of effort
  • A lack of respect
  • Poor communication
  • An uncontrollable temper
  • Infidelity
  • Abusive/manipulative tendencies
  • Takes me for granted
  • Doesn't respect my feelings
  • Hates physical activity or adventure

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