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  • Most horror movies, especially the psychologically disturbing and gory ones
  • Icebreakers & forced introductions¬†
  • Cold, dispassionate intellectualism that can't see beyond its own limitations
  • Days that end too soon with the people I love
  • Witnessing the pain of any living creature/being
  • Being in constant existential peril because of my clumsiness
  • When people conflate empathy with weakness & cynicism with intelligence
  • Curiosity that can't be sated
  • Conversations that lack depth & substance
  • Feeling lonely in a crowd of people
  • Moments that remind me of how human & easily tempted I am
  • Daydreaming about having fulfilling, life-changing conversations with people but being too shy to actually talk to them
  • Not being able to gauge what someone wants from me and sensing their frustration, but not knowing what to do about it because I'm clueless and they won't tell me
  • Trying to explain my innermost thoughts and feelings to someone who can't/won't understand
  • Being perceived as fragile, ignorant, angelic, or naive
  • Any form of bigotry, bullying, or injustice
  • Capitalism & its associated evils
  • When food is so spicy it makes me cry & I can feel the shame of my disappointed ancestors
  • Uncomfortably large birds & statues that trigger my megalophobia (eg. Shoebill Storks, WHY do they exist!?)
  • When people frame nuanced, multi-faceted issues in a reductive, black and white manner
  • Overthinking my way into rabbit holes of indecision/panic and feeling extremely silly when things work out later
  • When people equate enlightenment with stoicism & misery
  • When people misuse religion as a tool to harm, degrade, or oppress others instead of using it to refine themselves & become more compassionate, kind, & humble
  • Nights when I can't calm the irrational ache in my soul because of how much needless suffering exists in the world as a result of unbridled human selfishness & apathy
  • Sensing someone's pain and knowing exactly what I could say to help them feel better, but not being in a position to reach out and reassure them
  • When people assume I've had an easy, painless life because I'm outwardly positive/cheerful
  • Watching my loved ones grow older and being painfully aware that my time with them isn't infinite

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