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  • Letting people in
  • Success
  • Being powerless
  • Being vulnerable
  • Failure/ineptitude/imperfection
  • Not being in control
  • Losing my loved ones
  • Not being able to help everyone
  • Being loved
  • Being hurt
  • Being seen
  • Accidentally hurting people
  • Regret
  • Social situations
  • Darkness
  • Driving
  • Human nature
  • Trusting my intuition
  • Disappointing my loved ones
  • Being unfulfilled when I die
  • Things not going the way I need them to
  • Dying alone
  • Authority figures
  • Negative feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc.
    • I should become their master, not their captive.
  • Creepy strangers
    • Statistically speaking, I'm far more likely to be maimed/tortured/brutally dismembered by someone I know. Factual, though not entirely comforting.
  • Animals that are funny-looking but harmless
    • Ostriches, emus, turkeys, rodents, fish, lizards, possums, aardvarks, armadillos, nearly every creature in the Galapagos & Australia, etc.
  • Accidentally offending people
    • I should do everything in my power to respect the feelings, perspectives, and beliefs of others, but I shouldn't become afraid to speak for the mere possibility that someone out there might not be thrilled with what I have to say. Those who deserve my concern would probably be gracious enough to consider that I don't typically seek to offend, or brave enough to take a stand and tell me where I'm wrong.
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sep 14 2016 +
user picture hollyowl: "I should become their master, not their captive." (: I like that. Very nice. jul 10 2011
user picture Rubab: Thank you =) jul 12 2011
user picture Venus: This is a wonderful list! I can relate to so much of it (but then, I guess a lot of people could . . . but whatever). sep 14 2016