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  • Black man at bus stop- told me about his previous work as a counselor at school, his job at the multicultural center, & his outlook on life & maturity
  • White guy at bus stop- told me about his dreams of travel & theater, how he hopes to travel to NZ to work in theater productions, what his extensive travel experiences have taught him about life & the future of humanity
  • Redneck on train- told me many parts of his life story; how he met his wife & how much she means to him, what he was doing on 9/11, how he came to be a chef-in-training
  • Black girl at train station- told me about her experiences becoming a chiropractic medical assistant, how to correct one's posture, the difficulty of her extensive commute
  • Venezuelan guy on bench- told me about his antique camera, his photography project that began with the beauty of a certain girl, moving to the states from South America
  • Black bouncer- told me about his experiences working as a bouncer at a club, conversed with me about love languages & human nature
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