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  • Are there any external parties who could potentially benefit from sparking, exploiting, or prolonging the conflict?
  • Which external participants can be linked to this conflict? Which side are they on, and why?
  • Who's funding/arming each side of the conflict? Why & to what extent? What exactly are they investing in?
  • How does the conflict relate to U.S. interests? Does the location have any geopolitical significance, natural resources, or hold other such significance in terms of American foreign policy interests?
  • Do any major world and/or regional powers have a stake in the conflict's outcome monetarily, politically, or ideologically? If so: which ones, and what do they stand to gain or lose?
  • Is there a likelihood that the conflict might be serving as a proxy war between two states that are unable to go head-to-head?
  • Is ethnocentrism, orientalism, or colonial feminism playing a role in shaping Western views of the conflict?
  • Before the conflict broke out, was there an atmosphere of tension between the warring parties? What caused this tension? Does it have historical roots?
  • Are there significant discrepancies in how the conflict is being portrayed/reported by sources close to the situation versus sources abroad?
  • Is there a visibly recurring theme/tone/stance in how the conflict is being portrayed in Western media? Which side does popular U.S. newsmedia seem to be taking, and why?

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