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  • The simple act of listening to someone, without intent to judge or guide or respond, is the most underrated form of giving
  • Human beings are meant to be experienced, not explained
  • Heartfelt encouragement can help even the saddest flowers bloom
  • A huge component of loving someone is helping them become their best self while loving them no less at their worst
  • All-encompassing respect is a crucial prerequisite to any healthy relationship; without it, relationships are meaningless
  • Our capacity to accept others is shaped largely by our capacity to accept ourselves
  • Many people are walking around with a lifetime's worth of unresolved emotional burdens that directly influence how they behave & treat others. For a great many, these issues trace back to how their parents treated them. Remember this, it's important
  • Many of us spend our lives either afraid of the realities of who we are, or intimidated by the very real possibilities of what we could be
  • If I put myself in someone else's shoes; truly try to imagine what's going through their mind/heart at a given moment in the context of all other known factors of their existence, it becomes nearly impossible to think badly of them. If I let compassion guide me, I can't help but feel at least a little love for everyone
  • The world isn't a dark place because tons of people are evil. It's dark because tons of people are only as decent as they have to be & don't give a damn about evolving, learning, or contributing beyond that. If we each took the responsibility to be a little bit more giving, conscientious, and aware of our impact on others, the world would be radically transformed and improved
  • Until you're able to be entirely honest with yourself, the truth in all its forms will evade you. This is a fundamental truth
  • Fear of loneliness is a terrible reason to commit to someone romantically. It's also an awful reason to be friends with people you don't genuinely like and feel happy around
  • Arrogance is a sign of deep-seated insecurity, always
  • Existence is not punctuated by an ongoing conflict between good and evil, but between humility and egotism
  • The Creator of everything is a single, sovereign, partnerless, genderless God who essentially defies human description but is infinitely compassionate and merciful. Even though Shia Islam is the most beautiful pathway to God for my soul, countless other paths provide a similar peace and understanding for others, and respecting this is critical. Though we might walk to the Truth in different ways and may know it by different names, every human quest for goodness and self-actualization is essentially similar at its core. Mankind's preoccupation with differences has blinded us from seeing how alike our notions of fulfillment really are
  • The extinction of the ego is the key to enlightenment, but that struggle isn't a momentary confrontation or pinnacle; it is life itself
  • We are our biggest barrier in 99% of situations

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